Cowboy Outfit. Barclays Bank’s subsidiary Third Energy is bankrupt.

It is almost SIX WEEKS since BARCLAYS BANK (Trading as Third Energy), submitted their application to commence FRACKING at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire! Knowing what he now KNOWS about this weelsite, IF Greg Clark signs off on this application, it will be malfeasance (at best) … or Abuse of Public Office (at worst)! Coupled with which, THIRD ENERGY have once again failed to file their accounts and under Home Office Regulations, the Company should be dissolved TODAY!

He repeats his catalogue of reasons why the Kirby Misperton site is totally unsuited to being fracked. There is no pathway for the emergency services to get on if the place goes on fire.  ‘It will just have to burn,’ he adds, as if that would be a problem!

The Media

Last week, The Independent ran a feature on stillbirths becoming common around US fracking sites.  Four days ago.  The Guardian is also running a few similar, but not. enough to build substantial opposition to fracking.

Seismic trauma in Oklahoma being reported – Okla became the fracking waste capital of the US, now the earthquake centre of the US with destabilised geology from the waste water from fracking being injected underground.

The Independent says fracking in Britain could be limited due to lack of any suitable waste disposal locations/facilities.  Prees Hall waste was dumped (2 million gallons of fluid were dumped into the Manchester ship canal).  The issue of waste is being avoided by frackers.  They claim they’ll reinject the waste water.  They cannot, due to lack of space and unsuitability of waste water to be re-injected.  Edinburgh University says where will the waste all go.  In US 74 billion gallons of waste was dumped into the Gulf Of Mexico – still continuing as the only way waste is being disposed.  The Gulf Of Mexico now the most toxic sea in the world.

Politicians are avoiding these issue.  Pretending to believe the false promises of frackers.

Ian Crane replies to The Mail On Sunday article accusing him of being ‘an associate of criminals, crackpots and extremists’.  Dvid Rose and Ben Webster, the journalists used by the establishment to do hit pieces when they want them, let one go on anti-frackers yesterday.  Crane was accused of producing a TV show about ‘stuff’ with no relevance to fracking.  ‘Your point, David?’ says Ian. ‘Do your own research,’ he adds.

The Guardian on Saturday looks at people who become activists featuring Eddie Thornton amongst others.  He’s become famous in the anti-fracking community doing videos and carrying out actions at the Kirby Misperton site.

Parliament goes into recess later this week.  David Rose could have written a much more salacious article had he set about the 650 people who work in Westminster (MPs), and those who work in their research community.  Anti-fracking community is a broad church, with people from all walks of life.  ‘If some have some history so be it’.  adds Ian.

Get today’s article in The Independent today.  The waste issue needs addressing.  Urgently.



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