Barclays Bank are turning into pariahs. Women of Yorkshire and Derbyshire are on the march. Video.

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Swap your bank accounts now.  Barclays are history.

Built out of slavery, Barclays are a bank Britain can do without.

Now heavily investing in destroying Britain’s environment.

Derbyshire demo by Anti-Frack suffragettes.

Barclays owns 97% of Third Energy.  They also own Ineos who are fracking Derbyshire.

‘We said NO’.

5000 objectors to the fracking proposal near Chesterfield.

NO FRACKING HERE.  Washable paint used on Barclays Bank windows.  Peaceful demo.  Police hold back – so far.  The manager was thinking of coming out to complain.  Paint him too.

Quit Barclays now.

Same at Stroud.  Beautifully painted in Barclays blue blood.  This is going nationwide.  Time to ‘bark at Barclays’ everywhere just as these women are doing.  Hit them in the pocket – hard.  Move money out and quit ASAP.

pariah [(puh-reye-uh)] An outcast; a member of a low caste or class. Note: The word originally stems from the caste system of India, which put pariahs in a very low place in society. In the United States, it refers to those of low social class or social status

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Barclays Fracking Day of Action

 The fracking industry has a terrible track record around the world – leaving a trail of health problems behind it, as well as pollution to land, air and water. Barclays Bank owns 97% of Third Energy – a company planning to frack across Ryedale, North Yorkshire. They plan 19 wells, including some very close to the beautiful North York Moors National Park

Sheffield Friends of the Earth will be holding a day of action outside Barclays Bank in Sheffield City Centre on Saturday 10th October. We’ll be asking Barclays to stop funding fracking.

If you can make it to the day of action then please contact so we know who is coming.

As it stands at the moment, we’ll be starting the action at 12 noon outside Barclays in Sheffield city centre (opposite the town hall). It would be useful if people get there 5 minutes earlier so we are ready for 12 noon. We’ll be there until 2 pm but you obviously don’t have to stay for the full 2 hours.

This will be a peaceful action and we do not want to do anything that will result in Barclays calling the police to move us on. Therefore, please do not stick anything on their windows or block the entrance etc.

Sheffield Friends of the Earth will bring a camera to take photos of the event. These will be used as part of a press release to send to the local media.

If you get time, please have a read at the documents below.
Dealing with the branch:



Fracking poster:


Please keep checking this site for the latest details.


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