800 metre long rock passes between Earth and Venus at 47 kilometres a second

30 million miles from earth, in October 2017.   Travelling through installer space, the rock did not betray comet like symptoms.  This video expires all the possible explanations of where it might have come from, and why it has such an unusual shape.

The Electric Universe will hold a conference in Bath, England next year in June.  If they are right and the universe is better explained by electricity than by gravity,  the last hundred years of science can be junked, along with Einstein and many other supposed geniuses.  Needless to say overturning a hundred years of nonsense like black holes, pulsars being stars that rotate once a second and so on is not too popular with academics who’ve made careers out of propagating the nonsense.

If you haven’t yet watched the main videos on www.thunderbolts.info, you’re in for a very interesting few hours of study.  Enjoy.  The British conference is listed there also.  The US one is in Denver in May.

First, we want to encourage our followers to consider attending an upcoming independently organized Electric Universe conference in Bath, England, June 27 to July 1, 2018.  Wal Thornhill, chief science advisor to The Thunderbolts Project, will be among the featured speakers, along with other prominent scientists and scholars.  

Earlier this fall, we settled on a biennial schedule for our own U.S.-based event, a decision made out of respect for the growing challenges of international travel. A European-based event could eliminate these difficulties for many attendees.

With these considerations in mind, we’ve settled on Denver, Colorado for our own conference, tentatively scheduled for May 2019.


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