2017’s last Fracking Nightmare broadcast shows Britain’s countryside is in severe peril from cowboy operators

UNDER SCRUTINY : Secretary of State Greg Clark, the Oil & Gas Authority … and a disaster just waiting to happen! You can’t run, Greg … & you certainly can’t hide!! ūüôā

People are waking up. ¬†Some late in the day, but it’s never too late to awaken.

Barclays Bank T/A Third Energy is trying to start a frack operation at Kirby Misperton.  The Minister for Business Greg Clark MP for Tonbridge Wells, has not yet signed off permission to frack.  He had PhD at LSE, then joined BBC, before becoming MP.

Is he waiting for a bad news day to sign it off?  Or is he worried about his career?

Kirby Misperton is the most ‘rammed’ fracking site ever seen. ¬†The full kit is on site. ¬†Will Greg Clark set off this political grenade and smash his own career? ¬†The anti-fracking community has been feeding him endless information about the risks involved with the Kirby Misperton well site.

There is no space for access for emergency vehicles should a blowout occur.  The pad was not designed as a frack pad.  It was originally drilled as a conventional well.  It is not big enough for a frackpad.  No Health & Safety professional would possibly pass this site as OK.

A cowboy company with no experience is running the H&S fiasco, backed up by Halliburton advising them.  Halliburton has no clean record either.

Clark is handing off his responsibility to the Oil And Gas Authority. ¬†This sounds like a regulatory authority but is a privately owned business, run by oil industry executives, with the aim of maximising the economic recovery of the UK’s natural resources. ¬†These people are not capable of adopting a responsible and balanced view of what is going on at Kirby Misperton. ¬†Ian Crane lists out the officers of the PLC. ¬†The CEO, named Dr Andy Samuel, had involvement in the environmental catastrophe in Southern Queensland. ¬†The Chairman Patrick Brown is director of Camelot Lotteries ltd. ¬†Rebecca Vallance is Shareholder Representative Director. ¬†Who is the shareholder?

Greg has tried to offload his decision to the ‘oil and gas authority PLC’. ¬†But the sole shareholder of The Oil And Gas Authority PLC is none other than Greg Clark himself!!!!!!!! ¬†Can Greg Clark handle the pressure from Jim Ratcliffe, Barclays Bank and the other corporations involved with Third Energy.

This is just one well. ¬†The problems are already growing as the public become aware of what all this signifies. ¬†Fracking companies are struggling to get MPs to back them. ¬†Third Energy haven’t submitted accounts for two years and should shortly be in mandatory administration. ¬†The well site is costing over ¬£100,000 a day, as it sits doing nothing. ¬†Catastrophe beckons – financial and environmental. ¬†Lies being told about operational details by Third Energy.

There is no treatment facility available to take the water waste coming out from the frack.  Cuadrilla also needs to dispose of its waste water too at Preston New Rd.  They are asking to run their waste rain water off the site into a local brook.  The surface water situation is critical as the pad at PNR is flooded.  There would be no containment and collection of waste water.  They are asking Lancashire County Council for permission to pump it all into the brook.

Support the Legal Challenge against INEOS : https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/fra…


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