Who was behind the Las Vegas X-ray body scanner advert?

First published October 10, 2017
As usual, this is just my opinion, based on a good eye.
My guest writer Josh has saved me some time on this one, and I start by linking to his recent analysis. I find it good, as usual. But I am here today because I have a few things to add. No doubt I will have a few more as time passes.
First of all, what’s wrong with the photo above? You have to look closely at these pictures and think them through. Almost nobody does that. It is a paste-up. How do I know? Because it makes no sense. (go to http://mileswmathis.com/lasveg.pdf

LAS VEGAS, NV – OCTOBER 01: People scramble for shelter at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival after apparent gun fire was heard on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A gunman has opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas, leaving at least 20 people dead and more than 100 injured. Police have confirmed that one suspect has been shot. The investigation is ongoing. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Look at the two people climbing over the fence. That is the major clue. Isn’t it odd to find them both in the same position, within a few feet of one another? Let me ask you this: would you climb a low fence in that way? I wouldn’t. If someone was shooting at me, I would vault that sucker. But here we have a guy and a gal, both apparently young, both bellying over as if they are on a drunken treasure hunt. They look chosen and placed to me. The photo looks composed. What else? Well, these two are scrambling over the fence, but on the other side people are just lying and sitting around. They don’t seem to be still worried by an active shooter, do they? So they don’t match the climbers in attitude.

They are acting like that fence is a perfect barrier, but it is just made of mesh. Plus, it is only about four or five feet high. The shots are allegedly coming from 32 stories up, so it would be no protection at all. What else? Note the lighting, which makes no sense. We are supposed to be at 10pm here, and I assume these people have just climbed a fence on the outer edge of the concert grounds. So why are they lit like it is during the day, at about 5pm? The faces are in half-light, like in the evening. Stage lights or floods wouldn’t light them like that.
OK, let’s move on. Not only is alleged shooter Stephen Paddock admitted to have worked for at leastthree years for a company that later merged with Lockheed Martin, he also worked for the IRS.

So he has spook markers on him already. But those are just the tip of the iceberg. It is now known he had a pilot’s license and has owned his own planes. He has also been linked to an Intelligence subsidiary called Volant. He is a multi-millionaire, owning real estate in many places. He has travelled extensively in the past decade, going all over the world, including the United Arab Emirates. Doesn’t sound like the bio of a mass murderer to me. Sounds like the bio of a planted agent. Some on youtube are using this to connect him to ISIS, but that is absurd. Why? Because ISIS doesn’t exist. Like this shooting hoax, ISIS is a construct of US Intelligence and nothing more. It is another paper moon on a cardboard sea, propped up to give the US something to spend money fighting against. It is another created hole that politicians can shovel money into, to keep the billionaires properly fattened month by month.

Josh linked Mandalay Bay Casino and MGM Resorts head honcho Jim Murren to Department of
Homeland Security, but he is also linked to Contemporary Services Corporation. What is that? It just happens to specialize in crowd control and crowd creation. Convenient, eh? Some are saying they couldn’t have created a crowd of 20,000 in Las Vegas, but they can. Wikipedia admits Nazi director Leni Riefenstahl had a crowd of 30,000 extras to work with back in the 1930s, so if they could do it then they can certainly do it now.

Other researchers have shown that prior to the fake shooting spree, Crowds on Demand placed ads in Craigslist and other places looking to hire crisis actors by the thousands. We may assume they found them.

Speaking of the Department of Homeland Security, did you know that there were other smaller
shooting events that night at other Las Vegas casinos? They have been overshadowed by the Mandalay Bay event, but shots (again probably blanks) were fired at many casinos. This according to people staying at those casinos. Did you know that DHS is pushing to install expensive body scanners at all Las Vegas casinos? Of course this hoax is the perfect pretext for that, isn’t it? Do you know what company developed the body scanners currently in use? Lockheed Martin. Just a coincidence, right?

The body scanner business is now owned by L-3 Technologies, which posted 10.5 billion in revenues in 2016 and expects even more profits in 2017-18. It is now one of the top-10 government contractors. It was previously Loral Corporation, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin run by Bernard Schwartz until 2006. Loral already had 5.5 billion revenue in 1995 by itself. Remember, they don’t tell us what company “that later merged with Lockheed Martin” Stephen Paddock worked for. I suggest it was Loral. It looks like the Carlyle Group is also involved, since one of Loral’s “other acquisitions” listed at Wikipedia is LTV missiles, now known as Vought Aircraft Industries. Carlyle owned Vought until 2010, when it sold to Triumph Group, formerly Alco Standard.

All these name changes are just window dressing, meant to hide the real owners. The important thing
here is the money behind L-3, since that is who will profit from the body scanners in Las Vegas.
Before we get there, it is useful to know that L-3 has acquired many big companies recently, including Paramax. Paramax was formerly SDC, the first computer software company. It spun-off from RAND in 1957. SDC sold to Burroughs Corporation in 1980. You may remember that writer William S. Burroughs came from this family. In 1986, Burroughs merged with Sperry to become Unisys. Unisys became Paramax in 1991. L-3 acquired Paramax in 1997. Paramax supplies much of the computer technology for the military.
Anyway, Vanguard is by far the largest stockholder in L-3. It has over 3 trillion in managed assets, and yet calls itself a non-profit. Can you believe the chutzpah of these assholes? If we lived in a real democracy or republic, do you think the billionaires could get away with hiding assets and ownership like this? These investment groups like Vanguard were created specifically so that you couldn’t discover who really owned companies like L-3, and Congress lets them get away with it. Just more proof Congress is defunct.

According to this site, the owners/shareholders of Vanguard are the
Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. There is no way to verify that, but we may assumethe richest people in the world are indeed hiding behind Vanguard and other investment groups. They are certainly not non-profit. That is just a way to dodge taxes on their profits.

Along with Cheney and Rumsfeld, we should suspect people like Michael Chertoff, Sheldon Adelson, Rahm and Ari Emanuel (real surnames Auerbach and Smulevitz), the Bushes, and the Goldman Sachs people. And, since Josh showed us Paddock’s grandmother was a Koehn, we should suspect the richest members of the Kohn/Kohen/Cohen family, looking first to places like the Aspen Institute, the Brookings Institute (where Jim Murren is on the board), and such places. We can be sure that people like the Kochs and Gates are also hiding behind these investment groups like Vanguard, Fidelity, Blackrock/Blackstone, and so on. In short, just think of the richest jerks in the world, and you can assume they are hiding behind these investment groups as well as these money-making hoaxes. This is
the way the billionaires become billionaires, and the billionaires become trillionaires. Riding on their coattails will be many smaller creeps and creepazoids, who would invest in kitten sandwiches if it turned a profit.
OK, let’s move on. Josh has shown you that many planted stations on youtube are telling us people were killed, even though this was a false flag. But there is no evidence of that. All evidence is in the opposite direction: no one was killed and this was all staged. Video shows flashes from a lower (4th?) floor, which some are using as evidence of multiple shooters, but again that is a jump to a conclusion.
What we have in video and audio is evidence of flashes and sounds of gunfire, but that is not the same as evidence of real gunshots. Arms experts have pointed out that in audio from the concert floor, we do not hear any whizzing of bullets or sounds of hits. Hits would be quite loud locally, either hitting bodies or hitting the ground. There is none of that, indicating the sound of shots is on the speakers, not live. And the flashes are proof of nothing. You can create those flashes without real bullets being shot, you know. You can see this in any one of thousands of Hollywood movies.
My favorite is video in one of the lobbies, I suppose the Mandalay Bay, where police are allegedly
having a shootout with someone. Not sure who it is, since Paddock is supposed to have killed himself in his room. But we see many bystanders running and screaming and hitting the floor. Several are very overweight, which is amusing in itself, seeing them flopping off the walls and floors. The thing that stands out is that most of these “bystanders” seem to have on ear protection. Why would people walking through the lobby of a casino have on big orange earmuffs? Obviously, because they are crisis
actors in the vicinity of very loud blanks in an enclosed area. Without earmuffs they might experience real ear damage. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice this?
Then there is the matter of surveillance cameras. Las Vegas is the most surveiled city in the world. It has more cameras per square mile than any place outside the Pentagon. Not only do we have no footage from these cameras, instead relying on iffy handheld cellphone coverage, we have the ridiculous story about Paddock installing his own cameras outside his hotel door. But wait, there would be surveillance cameras already in the hallway, watching his every move. No one noticed him installing his own camera on a service cart, and that cart just remained there for days for his own convenience? Really? Plus, room service wants to get in and change your sheets every morning, right?
And yet Paddock was there for days with a large cache of military rifles. No maid ever got suspicious?
She thought the 23 machine guns on the bed were squirt guns? And what about the 6000 rounds of ammunition. Where did he hide that, in the ashtray? They really think you are stupid. They don’t even have to come up with a story that makes sense.
Then there is the problem of the gun sounds, which don’t match the guns found. The guns said to have
been found in the room were AK47s and AR15s. But the sounds on the speakers are of an M240 orsimilar machine gun. So they forgot to match the guns to the sounds. It isn’t even close, as you see at
that link. The M240 has a much slower rate than the AR15, 10 rounds per second to 14 rounds per
second. A difference of 40%, easily heard by any ear.
And yet another fatal problem, one I didn’t spot until later. In the common photos and videos, it is hard
to tell how far away the Mandalay Bay is from the concert site. Since the hotel is huge, it looks quite
close. But it isn’t. Wikipedia admits Paddock was 400 yards from his targets. That’s near or beyond
the maximum range for the guns said to be used. Plus you have a bullet drop of around 18 inches at
that distance, making it impossible to aim at moving targets in the dark. Nonetheless, Paddock is
supposed to have hit around 600 targets. There were 547 people hit, and many of them were apparently
hit multiple times, according to the stories posted. Indiscriminate spraying of a sparsely packed crowd
at that distance would yield a hit with only about 1 in 10 bullets, if that. So he must have fired around
6000 rounds. That’s 200 clips. With 23 guns, that’s around 260 rounds per gun. Again, the maximum
for a lot of AK47s, according to this video. In the opening moments, he admits the WASR10 melted
down at 265 rounds exactly. So we are supposed to believe Paddock sat there in his hotel room and
melted down 23 guns in a row, with no damage to himself? As usual, these people don’t know how to
do math.
Notice that the guy in the video is shooting with a welding mask, heavy gloves, and chest protection.
That would cut down on your accuracy a lot as well, since you can’t even see what you are shooting at.
Also notice that he shoots about 300 rounds in five minutes, and is breathing very hard at the end of it.
He is worn out long before shooting 1000 rounds. But Paddock is supposed to have stood there for an
hour, firing 6000 rounds out the window before firing another 200 at police through the door? He must
have been the 64-year-old man of steel.
Actually, the mainstream tells us Paddock only fired for 10 minutes, between 10:05 and 10:15. Is it
even possible to fire 6000 rounds in 10 minutes? No. That is only time enough to shoot about 600
rounds, as we see in the video above. You have to reload twenty times in ten minutes, which slows you
way down. But if that is the case, we are supposed to believe Paddock shot 600 rounds and achieved
about 600 hits, with almost no misses. With an AK47 or AR15 from 400 yards at night? As I say, they
think you are really stupid and will believe anything.
Josh tells us that Mandalay Bay is owned by MGM, but who owns MGM? Most people don’t know
that MGM Studios went bankrupt in 2005, being taken over by its creditors. At that time, those
creditors were a Sony-led consortium, we are told. But that isn’t quite right. If we check the
percentages, the consortium was led by investment group Providence Equity Partners (29%), not Sony
(20%). CIA-front Comcast (20%) was also a major partner. By 2010, that consortium had apparently
changed, according to Wikipedia. It was then led by CreditSuisse and JPMorganChase. We don’t
know for sure who is behind Vanguard, but we do know the Rockefellers are behind JPMorganChase.
So once again we find the usual suspects here.
But let us return to James Murren, a bigwig at MGM Resorts since 1998. In fact, he was involved with
MGM back to the mid-90s, when he was responsible for recapitalizing MGM Grand while he was still
working for Cyrus J. Lawrence. He is now Chairman and CEO. In 1996, Murren worked for
DeutscheBank as a Managing Director. All that is very strange, considering what we discovered above.
Remember, MGM was taken over by its creditors in 2005, and those creditors were big banks like
CreditSuisse and JPMorganChase. Was DeutscheBank another of those creditors? We aren’t told. But
in any case, it is strange for a former major bank director to come in as CFO of MGM Resorts in 1998,
and seven years later MGM is bankrupt—taken over by the banks. Given the bankruptcy, you wouldhave thought he would have been fired in disgrace in 2005, but no, he was promoted to COO in 2007
and Chairman and CEO in 2008. Can you say, “INSIDE JOB”? You will tell me I am conflating
MGM Resorts with MGM Studios, but Kirk Kerkorian (MGM Studios head back to 1969) owned
MGM Resorts until 2009, at which time it also tanked. Kerkorian lost his majority ownership, which
was taken over by investment groups like Vanguard, Capital, Price and Blackrock. Remember,
Vanguard is also the major stockholder in Lockheed Martin spin-off L-3, which owns the body
scanners. So you see how this all comes together. It can be no coincidence that Vanguard owns large
parts of both the Mandalay Bay and the incoming body scanners.
On the way out, I want to comment on a couple of “Truthers” at youtube spreading lies. The first is
Kevin Barrett, using “ex-CIA” phony Robert Steele to promote the idea people were “shredded by
hollow-point bullets in a massacre”. To start with, there is no such thing as ex-CIA. Once CIA, always
CIA, so I don’t know why anyone trusts these guys. If I were ex-CIA, would you trust me? No, so
why trust this guy? Notice that in the first moments of the interview, Steele takes the existence of ISIS
as a given. That is one of the desiderata of his analysis: that you believe ISIS exists. It doesn’t. Or, it
exists exactly like Osama bin Laden existed. There were and are real people getting their pictures
taken and doing things. They aren’t SIMs or CGI. But they aren’t terrorists as you are told. Osama
was a rich Saudi working for us mainly as an actor, and the ISIS goons are the same. They are a group
of actors who look Middle-Eastern working for worldwide intelligence. They are our created enemies
right now.
So, Barrett is compromised. I don’t trust him and you shouldn’t either. What about his ex-partner Jim
Fetzer? Same deal. Fetzer and Barrett fall together. Notice that in Fetzer’s hour-long video, his buddy
Dean Ryan compares Las Vegas to the Kennedy Assasination before the two-minute mark, selling them
both as real. Ryan claims his ex-girlfriend’s uncle was killed in the shooting. Sorry, Dean, I think we
are going to need more than that. How about a name, so we can non-confirm it?
So I assume all these guys are planted agents. You now see why I have refused to be interviewed by
either Fetzer or Barrett. Fetzer wanted to use my Charlottesville analysis for his new book and I told
him no. He mentioned that he wanted to post a disclaimer on my Kennedy remarks in that paper, since
of course he is still selling that event as real. I told him I didn’t want to be a part of his book, with or
without the disclaimer. I want to have nothing to do with these guys, since I can see they are
controlling the opposition.
Same for Mike Adams, who has popped up as a prominent voice in this one after a long silence on such
matters. Remember, he took down his Boston Marathon analysis, but now he is back. I guess they
called him up and asked him to get involved. He is also selling the idea of multiple shooters. He does
a scientific-looking acoustic analysis, allegedly showing us proof of two shooters. I say “scientificlooking” because it is fake science. All he proves is that there are two separate audio tracks on the
tape, but he does nothing to prove the sounds are live and not recorded. Remember, there were huge
speakers in the vicinity: this was a concert in progress. But even if the sounds are live and not
recorded, that also does not prove anything, as I noted above. Sounds do not mean real bullets, since
the sounds could have been created with blanks or in several other ways. Notice that not once does
Adams admit that possibility exists, despite supposedly being an expert on the subject.
Same for Alex Jones, who—it appears—has also been tapped by Intel to promote the multipleshooters/ISIS-is-real angle on this, while confirming other parts of it as a false flag.
Jones/Adams/Barrett/Fetzer and many others are looking more alike every year, indicating they are all
being promoted by the same faction. The entire early 911 Truth crowd has now exposed itself as afraud, in my opinion, and I no longer trust any of them.
The specific point of the Las Vegas hoax appears to be to install more body scanners and ramp up the
police state another notch, making billions more for the already obscenely wealthy. But the longer goal
of all these similar hoaxes is the creation of fear. They have been doing that for centuries, as we have
seen. It has accelerated recently, simply because they are trying to squelch a revolution. The best way
to do that is to create even more fear. They want you to be afraid you will be sprayed with hollow
point bullets by your own government, though I personally think that threat is hollow. Like these fake
events, it is all a bluff. But since the bluff has always worked for them, I guess it doesn’t much matter.
They have been bluffing your parents and grandparents out of trillions of dollars for centuries, and it
looks like they will continue to do it to you and your children.
Addendum October 12, 2017: OK, I finally got around to watching extensive video of Stephen
Paddock’s alleged brother Eric. The first time I watched it, I couldn’t watch past about 20 seconds,
because I could tell he was lying and acting. I didn’t want to watch that. However, something told me
to go back and give it a second look. This time I simply looked closely at him, without paying
attention to the lies spewing from his mouth. I’m glad I did, because it soon dawned on me that this
guy Eric matched the pictures we have been given of Stephen Paddock. It’s the same guy, folks! I see
no difference between him and his alleged brother. They just took pictures of this guy, whoever he is,
and posted him as his fake brother. That’s why his eyes are closed in the main picture posted by the
mainstream: they don’t want you to notice he is the same guy as Eric Paddock. They don’t want you to
make the match I finally made. Remember, when they block someone’s identity in a photo, what do
they do? They put a black bar across the eyes, right? That is enough to keep you from making an
identity, in most cases. The main recognition is in the eyes. Well, they fooled most people, but they
didn’t fool me.
That would explain why Josh found that if you do a people search on Stephen Paddock of Mesquite,
NV, you get pictures of a guy who looks nothing like either brother. See the first link above. It also
explains why if you search on Stephen Craig Paddock of Nevada, age 64, at Intelius.com, you find
Stephen has no brother named Eric. His only relatives are given as Peggy and Bruce. And if you
search the same site for Eric Paddock of Nevada, age 57, you do find one, but he isn’t related to any of
these people. They have pulled an Adam Lanza on you here, my friends. Remember, I showed you Adam Lanza of
the Sandy Hook Hoax never existed. They simply manipulated photos of his brother Ryan Lanza.
Same thing here. Want proof? OK:
Two mainstream photos tagged as Stephen Paddock, the first from CBSnews, the second from
ABCnews. What to notice in the first one: crooked mouth, tending to go up on your left. Nose also
slopes to your left. What to notice in second one: small mole on cheek to your right. You have to look
closely, since it is not dark or raised, but it is right in the middle of the cheek.
That is from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and as you see from the subtext, it is tagged Eric Paddock.
Let’s see: crooked mouth raising to your left, check; nose sloping to your left, check; faint mole middle
of cheek to your right, check. Also note the dent between his eyebrows, closer to the eyebrow to your
right. We see the same thing on Stephen Paddock. Even identical twins wouldn’t have moles in the
same place like this. We simply have the same guy playing both parts. He didn’t even bother to shave
cleanly or cut his hair differently. This is how much they respect your ability to read faces.
Another thing you can notice now that we are done. In both pictures of Stephen Paddock, he has no
eyebrows. But in both pictures, the area of the eyebrows looks retouched. It is blurrier or the wrongcolor. This indicates they removed the eyebrows in the photos to throw you off. You also go to
eyebrows for an identity, but here you can’t do that. We had to look at more subtle things, didn’t we?


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