Which Came First – Oil Or The Egg?

This is an important issue with wide reaching implications: what is oil? A fossil fuel or perhaps a blood of the earth? I thought it worth a share beyond just İstanbul where this painting is on display.

Göbeklitepe Study 33
Which Came First – Oil Or The Egg?
Currently on display at http://www.42maslak.com/

The Noah story and Göbeklitepe: There was allegedly a Great Flood or catastrophe which affected human life on earth, but which came first? The Ark or Gobeklitepe? The fossil or the fuel? Oil or the egg? Why are fossil fuels called fossil fuels? Anything to do with an 1892 conference on organic substances whereby J.D. Rockefeller sent his ‘scientists’ to ensure oil’s components, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, defined it officially as qualifying as an organic substance? Science or magic and deception?!
If oil is produced from dinosaurs, we must assume the egg came before oil… must we not? What is time? Are there different time lines? Do we perceive different time lines? A similar flood and or catastrophe story is told from different parts of the world… the Sumerian tablets tell of a huge ship built to avoid the coming flood and to take aboard ‘beast and birds’; a ‘Noah’ character and story is replicated:
Deucalion – Greece
Manu – India
Fo-Hi – China
Xisthros – Persia
Nota – Mexico
Utnapishtim – Mesopotamia…
Did a global cataclysm (including flood) wipe out human life and perhaps Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu). This catastrophic account can be found in Egypt, Assyria and Chaldea (Mesopotamia), Greece, Arcadia, Rome, Scandinavia, Germany, Lithuania, Transylvania, Turkey, Persia, China, New Zealand, Siberia, Burma, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Sumatra, in Islamic and Celtic lore and among native peoples throughout North South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific continent.
Sir Fred Hoyle 1915–2001) suggested the Darwin theory of evolution is unlikely and, therefore, life must be the product of purposeful intelligence. Today, conventional wisdom tends to keep investigation of human derivation caught between the parameters of Adam’s Rib and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Let’s widen the investigation of possibility…
Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty: The Origin of Fossil Fuel & Peak Oil

Example articles on Göbeklitepe:

I advise Turkey to keep Göbeklitepe out of the hands of the likes of UNESCO, the €U, the Smithsonian Institute https://www.si.edu/museums…. but, the Turks will do what they will do.

As a wag once said,
‘The artist must go very far, so that the ordinary man will go far enough. Arsenal!’

“Tell those who doubt the value of the Waveney Springs Art Collective, that I don’t know why art is necessary – only that it is. All who in the 1940’s braved bombs to see one painting in the National Gallery knew it too.”
Brian Sewell Art Critic, Sunday 04 April 2010


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