What really SCARES Big Pharma? People who know how to CURE their own DISEASE! 16,402 views

There are so many simple cures not being used by people – prunes for constipation, saline for tooth abcesses, simple stretches to overcome back pain,  raw milk to prevent colds and flu, colloidal silver/nano-particle silver like ACS200 to stop stomach infections or hospital acquired skin infections, fermented food to get the gut working well, filtered water to stop toxic metals and chemical pollution before it gets into you and so on and so on.   B17 for cancer.  Fasting for cancer as it needs glucose while we thrive better on fats. Mike Adams gives his list in the video.  Doctors should be out of work by now.

But instead they’re involved in the programme to replace human beings with beings controlled by artificial intelligence.

How kids become autistic.  Calpol and  Vaccines destroy key linkages in the brain.


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