Does Brexit divide Freemasonry, Royalty and the super wealthy?

Tap.  While observing the goings-on in the world, from the alternative news perspective, the existence of levels of power above those traditionally presented, is beyond question.  They are by definition , out of sight and denied.  Yet they cannot be a homogenous whole.  There have to be different viewpoints between say traditional aristocratic wealth, Royalty and the newer corporate super wealthy.  The two, on the other hand, may be simply two heads on the same animal.

The subject of Brexit for example seems to expose a divide amongst powerful entities with some in favour, and some against.  I am on the lookout for any evidence of such a divide, and so this extract from Miles W Mathis caught my eye.

In a February 1952 letter to Ezra Pound, McLuhan says
this:’Last year has been spent in going through rituals of secret societies with fine comb. As I said before I’m in a bloody rage at the discovery that the arts and sciences are in the pockets of these societies. It
doesn’t make me any happier to know that Joyce, Lewis, Eliot, yourself have used these rituals as a basis for art activity…’
You may say by secret societies he meant Thelema or Golden Dawn or something. But he is obviously aware that the secret societies themselves are in the pockets of Intelligence, since he adds –
‘Now that I know the nature of the sectarian strife among the Societies I have no intention of participating in it any further, until I know a good deal more. To hell with East and West.’
Note that “east and west.” Who was mainly concerned with the battle of east and west in 1952? The CIA, of course. The editor of these Letters reminds us that Wyndham Lewis also complained of the same thing in the same period, mainly in his Time and Western Man. The editor again tries to make us
think this complaint was against Freemasonry, but in this case Freemasonry should mainly be read as code for Intelligence. Maybe the Freemasons were pulling the strings of Intelligence, maybe they weren’t: the important thing is that we now know—via these declassified documents—that Intelligence
was the direct puppetmaster, and that behind Intelligence were the Rockefellers and others. That is bad enough without bringing the Freemasons into it. In fact, we should note that the Freemasons were never interested in destroying art in previous centuries, or turning it totally to propaganda. Why should
they make this one of their top projects in the 20th century? As usual, I read Freemasonry as a diversion away from those we know to be pulling the strings: the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Morgans, and so on. These families are from the financial sector, anti-aristocracy, and if they are Freemasons, they
have turned Freemasonry wildly from its old paths. Remember, Freemasonry is usually traced back to Francis Bacon, among others. Well, Bacon was closely allied to the English aristocracy, and may have been a bastard child of the queen herself. For us to believe the Rockefellers are Freemasons, we have
to believe the Freemasons have completely switched sides. I for one don’t tend to believe it.

TAP – Are the traditional power holders of aristocracy and Freemasonry, even Royalty, keen to bring Britain out of the EU, for example, while the corporate new money wants Britain locked in and the key thrown away?  That would help to explain the puzzling amount of political battling going on, if true.  Murdoch is newish money, but is possibly aligned with traditional power, and has parted company from Tony Blair for example, his former buddy, who has sold his soul to the EU.  The EU was a project of the CIA, and the American Deep State – a way to control Europe from a single seat of power.  No wonder there are high up powerful interests who feel they are being bypassed, who want to put up a fight.


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  1. phil000 says:

    I am anti BRexit simply because I think the likes of the freemasons have too much power here, and Brexit might give more jutice to the average Brit because it is LESS tainted by corrupting forces that
    alas have so much power in this country, That single fact I think caused our BRexit vote

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