Well Being Increases Under The Tories!?

Can you feel your well being increase under the Tories? That’s what latest figures infer.
UK Column News – 8th November 2017
Published on 8 Nov 2017
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column, including:
00:25 – UK descending into mental criminality…?
02:52 – ‘Well-being’ statistics on the increase…
04:02 – No.10 knew about Pritti Patel meetings in Israel
05:52 – More chaos ensues in UK but silence on paedophile rings
08:59 – Ex-Welsh minister found dead over mystery allegations
10:17 – Chief Constable Mike Veale: Daily Mail fake news…?
14:17 – Private Eye: Sneering at ritualistic child abuse
15:06 – Robert Green challenges Private Eye
16:38 – North Korea: Foreign & Commonwealth Office cartoons
18:47 – US President Donald Trump arrives in China
19:50 – Boris Johnson in the US while Trump not around…
20:05 – NATO re-organises due to ‘Russian threat’…
23:38 – Matt Hancock in Paris: Franco-British pact on cyber security…?
24:49 – Matthew Rycroft: Reverse psychology in full force on Syria
26:10 – Vladimir Putin: Weapons to ‘moderates’ end up with terrorists
27:47 – Rolls-Royce under attack again
29:55 – Uprising: Domestic extremism…?
33:35 – Uprising history: The Young Foundation stands in the shadows
36:04 – Big Society: No democratic mandate…no parliamentary debate
38:19 – Danny Kruger: Tories begin ‘creative destruction in public services’
40:30 – Goolag: Other (safer) search engines are available…
40:44 – Big Society parallel agenda: Cities agenda & Parliament of mayors
43:18 – Citibank is leading partner for Global Cities agenda…


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