Vitamin D3 Better Than Flu Vaccine

Dr. Graham Downing. He is quietly reserved in his analysis, but every now and again even he has to take a definite stance and make a statement on certain issues. In this episode he states a particular vaccine does not work.
This commentary is of such high standard day in day out, to my senses at least. I check the BBC flagshit news programmes most days and they are of such expensive yet appallingly low standard compared to the UK Column on their tiny budget. At some point it seems inevitable the UK Column must burst out upon the wider audience because their analysis and information is so far superior to John Humbumphrys, Eddie Nightmair, Lice Dullset, the Dumbleby brothers & co…

Published on 28 Nov 2017
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Dr Graham Downing and Mark Anderson for today’s UK Column News.

00:33 – Bank of England: UK banking system is resilient…
01:02 – Theresa May: CSC Leaders Challenge 2018 – What makes a city resilient…?
04:01 – What is the policy of ‘resilience’ and who is driving it?
07:00 – Brexit: closed-door, secret meetings … MPs not involved in running the country
08:45 – Daily Mirror Russian ‘lies’ over flu jabs and vaccine fake news
10:27 – WHO: Why is vaccination important for addressing antibiotic resistance…?
11:50 – UK Column analysis with Dr. Graham Downing
18:00 – Vaccinating everyone may lead to pandemic … not prevent it
21:05 – Dr. Mack: endemic smallpox was not eradicated by universal vaccination
23:37 – Book recommendation: The Drugs Don’t Work – A Global Threat
26:35 – BBC: Give child ‘super-spreaders’ flu vaccine say experts…
27:59 – Vitamin D3 far more powerful than the vaccine or anti-viral drugs
28:37 – Halifax International Security Forum 2017: the war on sovereignty & gender
34:50 – WACA 2017 conference: The future of American leadership
36:42 – WACA 2017 conference: Artificial Intelligence and the future of work
37:29 – WACA 2017 conference: Forever wars and US national security…
37:40 – WACA 2017 conference: North Korea’s nuclear quest
37:59 – WACA 2017 conference: NAFTA and the new trade agenda
38:27 – ‘Journalists’ at these events work hand in hand with the organisations
40:48 – ‘Transgender’ Guides to share showers and tents with girls…
43:23 – Girl Guides website: the change agenda at work…
44:37 – Primary schools adopting and promoting LGBT lifestyles faster than secondary schools
45:31 – Thinktanks & media are hypocritical, using deception and reverse psychology


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