Video Proof: There Were At Least 7 Different Shooters During The Las Vegas Massacre



November 11, 2017 by

Over the last month numerous independent researchers have put together a startling amount of evidence that there were multiple shooters during the horrific Las Vegas Massacre, many of them pointing to the plethora of eyewitness reports that confirm this stunning fact.

Amazingly, eyewitnesses have not only reported the existence of multiple shooters near the Route 91 Music Festival, many have also noted that there were shooters at other hotels along the strip, including Hooters, MGM, The Bellagio, and The Delano.

Footage from these hotels (which is included in the video below) also points to attackers striking multiple places throughout the strip.

For their part, law enforcement authorities in both the Las Vegas Police Department and The FBI have actively covered up what actually happened during that fateful night, going out of their way to confuse the timeline and at one point even telling Americans to ignore independent news reports and even video footage that they could see with their own eyes.

We are clearly witnessing a massive coverup of one of the worst mass shootings in American history. At this point one has to wonder if authorities were in on the attack themselves or if they are covering up the fact that a terror group such as ISIS actually hit Las Vegas?

The following video puts together the various eyewitness reports that prove, without a shadow of doubt, that the authorities are lying about Stephen Paddock being the lone gunman who carried out the attack.

While over 40 minutes long, I encourage you to watch the entire report.

Although many facts about the attack remain unclear, it is safe to say that the official story has been officially debunked.




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  1. Tapestry says:

    This is like the Kennedy assassination in that multiple theories are being put out from the start. All the theories are out there except one. That being that no one was hurt and it is a false event. As with Kennedy, the only theory not out there being that JFK didn’t die. The only correct theories being the two not to be found. Funny how it’s the single or multiple shooter alternative that’s being spread around, all over again. Go to recent Kennedy posts based on the work of Miles W Mathis to see that JFK didn’t die November 1963. Nor did a few others who we’ve been told are gone, as they choose to go off screen.

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