Two Weeks To Save Britain’s Welfare State

Alex Evans – Avaaz
Today, 14:20
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If the government’s planned cuts to Universal Credit go ahead then a million more kids will slide into poverty. Food banks are warning of disaster — while the NHS is facing its worst winter crisis ever because of underfunding. This is an emergency: we have 2 weeks until the Budget to create a massive outcry and save Britain’s welfare state!

Dear friends,

It’s devastating — if the government’s planned cuts to Universal Credit go ahead, a million more kids will slide into poverty, with the poorest 10% of people in our country losing a tenth of their incomes. Food banks warn they won’t be able to keep up.

This is wrong. Britain is one of the ten richest countries in the world — yet our poorest people are facing a catastrophe. Meanwhile, a £22 billion funding shortage is set to bring the NHS to its knees as it faces its worst winter crisis ever. This could be the twilight of Britain’s welfare state.

But with Theresa May’s government reeling from scandal and Brexit fatigue, there’s a real chance we can prevent this — if we make a massive outcry ahead of the Budget in two weeks’ time. Click now to sign: when enough of us join we’ll take out full page ads in newspapers demanding a budget to save Britain’s welfare state!

Click to save Britain’s welfare state

The government will claim that times are hard and savings have to be made — yet we’ve seen how ready they are to lay their hands on billions to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, shore up tawdry deals with the DUP, or overlook tax dodging by Britain’s richest.

It’s time to turn our priorities around. Instead of using precious resources for naked political self interest and to let top earners off the hook on tax, we should be making sure that no child lives in poverty and that we have a health service able to look after all of us.

So let’s see this Budget for what it is: a make-or-break moment for what kind of country we want to live in, and whether we want a government that protects our most vulnerable or regards them as a dispensable inconvenience.

Click to save Britain’s welfare state

Time and again in recent years, our movement’s had to mobilise to oppose the divisive ambitions of Britain’s hard right. Brexit is one of them. Deep cuts to benefits and the NHS are two more. They’re counting on our silence and apathy. Let’s give them the opposite!!

With hope and determination,

Alex E, Alice, Alex W, Fatima, and the whole Avaaz team

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