Trump In China

Among the best news commentary out of the UK. They make the £3.74 billion taxpayer funded BBC look pathetic by comparison.

UK Column News – 9th November 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column, including:

00:45 – Priti Patel resigns…
02:11 – UK Column analysis with Alex Thomson
08:18 – Bicom: Israeli Knesset marks Balfour centenary
10:56 – Donald Trump in China
13:22 – Trump to meet Vladimir Putin tomorrow
17:58 – Obama still lurking in the background
18:54 – Prince Harry at Obama summit in Chicago
21:03 – Prince Harry: We’re all mentally ill…
21:36 – Chicago: home of subversive ‘change agent’ Saul Alinsky
24:46 – Libyan war criminals must not escape justice…
28:15 – Sweden fears Russian ‘military resurgence’…
30:35 – EU military unification: Mogherini’s deadly strategy
34:45 – Ian Crane: Fracking Nightmare tonight at 19:30
35:02 – Child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw moved again…
36:25 – Guido Fawkes: no progress on Keith Vaz investigation
38:14 – Ronald Bernard insider testimony: part IV now available
39:07 – Police efficiency report 2017: deliberate underfunding…?
41:23 – European Police forces also under deliberate attack


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