Top Nazis were all Jewish.

Addendum January 28, 2017: a reader from Germany sent me a link today that is gold, in support of the above paragraph. It is a 2008 article from The Guardian in London. It is the curious tale of how the sons and daughters of top Nazis converted to Judaism and moved to Israel. No, “curious” is a vast
understatement. I encourage you to read it closely, because—unspun—it acts as clear proof of everything I have told you above. The first interview is with Rabbi Aharon Shear-Yashuv, whose father was a Nazi in the Waffen SS. I reread the article several times to see if he had changed his name, but nothing is there in answer to that. So it begs the question: what was his German name? Did he even
have one? It is a very important part of this story denied us. All the other names of those interviewed are also denied us, which is convenient for the story. With the rest, we don’t even get Israeli names.

Nothing. So we can’t do a search on them to confirm their stories. But just ask yourself this: do we have any indication this whole story isn’t spun away from the far more likely truth, that being that these people—though real children of Nazis—were always Jewish? And that their parents were, too? That
would explain this “phenomenon” immediately, wouldn’t it, without the need to interview psychologists and make up a whole new clinical category for it. Have you ever heard of Occam’s Razor? It is the default position that most things should be explained in the simplest way possible.
Given two theories, always go with the simplest one unless you have a very strong reason not to. The
odds will always be heavily in your favor.
Given that, I think you can see how bold the storytellers are. I think we could call it reckless, were it not for the fact that it seems to work brilliantly. These writers for The Guardian put the truth right in
front of your face, and then spin you off it. The liars have become so confident from past successes, they know they can wave the truth in front of your face, then remove it and continue the lie. You will go on as before, burying the truth for them because it doesn’t suit the larger story they have trapped you in.
And they don’t just tell you what they have done in the past; they tell what the future will be, too.

The Rabbi tells us Germany is being wiped off the map by its low birthrate, and he exults in it. But that
reminds us that to be wiped off the map in such a situation, the country in question has to allow unchecked immigration. I guess you are aware what is going on in Germany and other parts of Europe
right now, and less so in the US. The borders have been opened, expressly to allow this influx. The European people can’t understand why their leaders are allowing it, but the Rabbi just told them why.
In previous papers, we have seen the top Jewish families warring with the Holy Roman Empire for centuries. In the 20th century, they won the last stages of that war. In the 21st century, we are seeing the mop-up.  Some still won’t understand what these Jews have against Germany, or why I said this is happening
“less so” in the US. It is because these families have no grudge against the US. As we have seen, they have owned us from the beginning. Israel isn’t the primary Zion: the US is. Israel is just an outpost. In
these new articles, they tell us Jews hate Germans for recent crimes, but we know that isn’t true. They
have been warring against Germany for centuries, so the grudge is very old. This war has been going on for a thousand years or more. The Rabbi and the writers for the Guardian obviously consider the war won. We are thoroughly subjugated, and can now just be toyed with.
That is what is happening when the author says again and again, “something seems to be missing from this story”. He is mirroring back to you your own unease and disbelief, which he knows you will be
feeling. But he is so sure he can control it, he can tell what he is doing while he does it. He even says this:
They talk about despising the Trinity and the terrible things that the Germans did to the Jews, but it seems like they are talking a genocide that doesn’t exist, even in their memories.
All I can say is, WOW. It takes some balls to put that in this article. The new writers don’t just put the truth in front of your face, they put it halfway down your throat, almost to your stomach, before they pull it back out…..

As a parting bonus, I will tell how to read one last mystery. It has never been explained where the
word Nazi came from. Wikipedia tells you to this day it comes from the German pronunciation of the
word “national”. Right. And you believe that? Given what we learned above, maybe now you can
see the truth: Nazi is simply a shortening of the word Ashkenazi.
[For further proof of my thesis here—that all the Nazis were crypto-Jews—you may consult my newer paper on Marx’s Wife, where I found mainstream Jewish researchers admitting in top newspapers like the London Telegraph that around 140 top Nazi officers were Jewish, including at least two field
marshals, fifteen generals and 23 colonels. In at least 20 cases, known Jewish officers were awarded the highest Nazi honor, the Knight’s Cross. Given the current version of history, how is that possible?
But it fits my thesis perfectly, doesn’t it?]

TAP –  Some claim that NaZi comes using the words National Sozialist.  It was never very convincing.  It is still a hard read as to why so many Jews were transported in WW2, and so many died.  Maybe readers can explain this aspect if comments are working.


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