The stupidity of war

It’s funny how those who are most pro-war are almost always the guys who never had to fight in one.

JEROME P. CRABB, War Quotes and Quibbles


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Today’s society is the most educated and the most informed. So many people are living at a level of richness that is almost incomprehensible, and yet we still insist on settling differences between people with the costliest and most destructive methods ever, namely wars. Wars create grudges, enemies, wounds and scars that do not provoke healing.

The reason for these wars seems to be that ‘neighbours have a falling out.’ The predominant accepted mode of operandi to deal with the differences has been and still is war. One side hopes to beat the other side into surrendering, no matter the cost in lives, killing machinery buildup, hatred and more entrenchment to pass on to future generations.

Today, the results of these wars include greater numbers of refugees than ever. Huge, destructive and very expensive machines are needed to mow down as many people as possible.

A major difference between social services and war is the cost. Social services, without my amateurish calculation, are much cheaper than war. Each cruise missile used in Syria recently cost several million dollars. Imagine the relief and appreciation from recipients if a fraction of this money could have been used to alleviate suffering.

We hold celebrations to remember moments of accomplishment. For example, Vimy Ridge and D-Day are held up as great moments in Canadian history. Do we have any celebration for moments where our social efforts could be recognized? Perhaps it could be the day when all the children of the world could enjoy clean drinking water.

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War demands sacrifice of the people. It gives only suffering in return.


Ten Commandments w/ VI Highlighted

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Quand un gouvernement conduit un peuple à sa ruine par tous les moyens, la rébellion de chaque membre de ce peuple devient non pas un droit mais un devoir.  - Adolf Hitler
“When a government leads a people to ruin by all means, the rebellion of every member of this people becomes not a right but a duty.” (Adolf Hitler)

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  1. Random says:

    “Thou shalt not kill” is a mistranslation, it’s more accurately “Thou shalt not commit murder”.

    “All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal”

    Man isn’t an animal, failure to reason is a characteristic of the human condition (aka human error). Humanism is also associated with the secular rather than the divine.

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