The only law the Government aren’t copying and pasting from the EU is the one that protects your human rights

Making the Charter of Fundamental Rights the only exemption from the great copy-and-paste from the EU is a nakedly political decision, betraying a deregulation agenda and hostility to human rights.

If the not-always-thrilling debate over the EU (Withdrawal) Bill hasn’t grabbed your attention so far, now’s the time to sit up and take notice.

As MPs continue their line-by-line scrutiny of the bill, they will reach one of the key battle lines – the future of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

For Labour, keeping its protections is a red line. The Government is determined to scrap it. And Dominic Grieve is leading the charge of Tories battling to bring the charter home.

He’s tabled two amendments which would do just that. They have attracted cross-party support – and it’s these that MPs will vote on.

This is a political tug of war – and the outcome could affect us all.

For weeks, the Government line has been that the bill isn’t about policy changes. It’s a simple copy-and-paste job to ensure a “calm and orderly exit”. And those seeking amendments are “mutineers” advancing a political agenda to “wreck” or “frustrate” Brexit.


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