Strategy of tension – Government sponsored terror

One horrifying, random, senseless act
after another.
Happening in the USA today.
Other countries have seen it too.
History tells us what’s behind it.
How it worked in Italy

Originally, it was a war against “godless communism” – and that justified governments getting into the terrorism business.

Then it became a political war against political parties the right wingers didn’t like.

In Italy, the targets were civilians, women, children, the innocent.

Bombings of train stations, shootings at supermarkets, kidnappings – all carried out by fascist covert action teams sometimes funded and aided by the CIA.

The goal? To get the population to reject socialist parties and embrace a “strong” i.e. right wing government.

What’s the goal in the US today?

Hard to say exactly beyond to destabilize civilians and create fear while making the “first responders” – agents of the government – trusted heroes (even when their cowardice and ineptitude contributed nothing.)

The attacks are almost like a demographic “greatest hits” tour:

– Shopping mall movie theater in Colorado
– Suburban school in Connecticut
– Black church in South Carolina
– Gay night club in Florida
– Social Security office in Central California
– Country and Western concert in Nevada
– And, now most recently, a rural church in Texas

It’s like someone is checking off all the demographic bases. It’s all just a little too pat.

Every one one of these stories have had massive anomalies which are ignored by the CIA-controlled US news media.

If it looks like a skunk and smells like skunk, it probably is a skunk.

Would a government that launches needless wars based on lies that they know will kill tens to hundreds of thousands of innocent people have any moral qualms about killing a few people here and there to advance their agenda?

Probably not.


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