Saudis, UAE, Kuwait Order Citizens to Leave Lebanon

Travel Advisories Cite ‘Safety Considerations’

With Saudi Arabia having accused Lebanon of declaring war over the weekend, a growing number of GCC states are issuing either travel advisories or outright bans on citizens traveling to Lebanon, with Bahrain the first to issue such warnings, and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates following.

All are claiming “safety considerations,” though none are clear about what exactly their intentions toward Lebanon are, or even whether this is related to the missile fired from Yemen, or the resignation of the Lebanese premier during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi officials were talking war, but it’s not clear this means the Saudis are heading for a military attack on the Mediterranean nation, especially with both the US and European Union having expressed support for Lebanon’s stability.

This may also suggest the Saudi alliance is heading toward a full-scale attempt to isolate Lebanon, like they unsuccessfully did with Qatar earlier this year. Saudi Arabia is a key trading partner for Lebanon, though unlike Qatar such an embargo would have a comparatively limited impact on day-to-day life in the country, as Lebanon isn’t reliant on Saudi food imports or the like.



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