Saudi oil exports halted by a ‘fire’ in Bahrain

In its request for the meeting of the Arab foreign ministers, Saudi Arabia also decried what it described as “sabotage” over a pipeline fire in Bahrain on Friday that temporarily halted oil supplies from its territory.

Iran has dismissed Bahrain’s allegation linking the Islamic Republic to the oil pipeline fire near the capital, Manama.

On Sunday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi vehemently dismissed the accusation as “delusional.”

TAP – Another possible false flag following on from the supposedly Yemeni missile attack on King Khalid airport near Riyadh.  This all follows on from the recent internal coup within Saudi Arabia.  Someone clearly thinks this is a good moment to wind everyone up and try to get a war going.   Hopefully everyone these days knows that it’s the CIA that wants millions of Middle Eastern people to kill each other, and these people realise what’s really behind such events.


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