Rand Paul gets the treatment, same as Ron

Rand Paul was assaulted today

Maybe Antifa did do something. But it was his neighbor so who knows. Maybe his neighbor is Antifa. Anyway Rand Paul’s neighbor came onto his property, tackled him, and beat him. Bad enough to break a rib. The neighbor is in jail now. see this.

Yeah, if this was an attack by a conservative on a liberal it would be front page news 24/7. But since it is the other way around, it gets local mention only. That fits.

TAP – It also fits with the threats placed onto Ron Paul.

From 2012 –

The Ron Paul campaign has been rocked by a one-two punch this week, in the form of Ron Paul
conceding the nomination to Romney and Rand Paul actually endorsing Romney on Sean Hannity’s
Fox News show. The timing of all this could not be more suspicious, in that the mainstream media had
finally begun reporting on the quick rise of Ron Paul just two weeks earlier. They had been forced to
admit—after months of lying—that Paul had won the most delegates from at least a dozen states,
including Iowa. Even from reading only mainstream sources, a lazy reader would have begun to get
the idea that Paul had at least 500 delegates, enough to make Romney very uncomfortable at the
convention and maybe enough to throw the vote into a second ballot.
But a not-so-lazy reader might get the impression that things were even worse for Romney and the Republican establishment, since it had also been reported that the Ron Paul campaign had completely taken over many state parties. They had even taken over Massachusetts, Romney’s own state where he was governor. Since we are still
months away from the National Convention in Tampa, a not-so-lazy reader might get the impression
that the Ron Paul campaign might do the same thing in later states like Texas and California. If Paul
could flip Iowa and Minnesota given a month or two, why not Texas or California? And if that
happened, Romney would be dead in the water. If Romney, then Obama.
Strangely, as soon as all this great news began to hit the mainstream press, Ron Paul gave up. Despite
the fact that he had been saying all year that he was going all the way to the convention no matter what
and that he had no plans of endorsing Romney, as soon as it began to look like he might win, he quit.
That is very, very, very suspicious, as I think anyone will admit.

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