People are easy to dupe, as they believe the media over their own eyes and ears

The truth is, secrecy isn’t maintained. There are leaks, and many people know the truth. Others find
out the truth. But that doesn’t matter because total secrecy isn’t necessary. All that is necessary is that
the leaks aren’t reported by the mainstream press. As long as the government and press stonewall and
deny, the majority of people aren’t going to move past a certain point. The CIA learned a long time ago
that a small percentage of activists can be ignored, because the masses won’t follow them. Most people
will follow the majority, no matter where it goes.

That is why it is called the majority.

Because of that, Intelligence only needs to manufacture the majority opinion. In other words, the majority of people
don’t even need to believe something, they only need to be told that a majority believe it. That is
enough to stop them from acting on their own beliefs or suspicions. The government doesn’t poll the
public to discover a majority opinion, at least not on important topics. The government just creates a
majority opinion and publishes it. Most people then believe it—or at least believe it is the majority
opinion—simply because they saw it published. Even if they don’t share the opinion, they believe they
are in a minority, and therefore powerless.

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You see, in this way, the governors can cleverly stop majorities. To stop a majority, all you have to do
is prevent it from realizing it is a majority. In a so-called democracy, this is enough to stall it, since
people have been taught from childhood to bow to greater numbers. If you get outvoted, you are
supposed to back down. So the governors simply tell a majority it is a minority, and it immediately
loses steam.

For example, I think a majority of real people now believe 911 was manufactured in some way, but
even when the mainstream reports on this “conspiracy theory,” they report that some minority of kooks
believes it. The word “kook,” with any number under 50% is enough to stall most people. Most
people won’t even think of getting off the couch until the number hits 51%, and even if 100% of
everyone they have ever talked to indicates they believe it, they will still be stalled if the media tells
them they are in a minority. They will believe the media over their own eyes and ears.

Miles W. Mathis


5 Responses to “People are easy to dupe, as they believe the media over their own eyes and ears”

  1. emm jay says:

    This guy makes for some compelling reading, imho … superb The more of his material I read, the more I want to read. Clean, factual, sharp analysis from a perspective that continually hits the ‘light bulb’ moments in my head. His bio on his website gives those who would try to casually dismiss him an embarrassing run for their money. I’m curious though that his well researched papers and presentation of hard facts are still being ‘allowed’ to be ‘read’. Power to you Mr Mathis.

  2. Hans says:

    an absolute joy to read his articles , brilliant observant mind…..almost too good to be true….. to still have a goy among us that can out think our masters…..or is he just high end controlled opposition?….he will not even look at the flat earth discussion which is strange from someone with such a physics background…..he could trash it in 5 minutes but concludes its just another CIA distraction…..

    • Tapestry says:

      The flat earth deception is not very interesting for an intelligent mind to dwell upon for more than a minute.

      • Random says:

        Anyone who knows what the sun does when it sets and knows what a timezone is should have little difficultly in figuring out whether the earth is flat or not.

        But the Bedford Level experiment and others like them are still worth investigating IMO.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The above article brings BREXIT to mind. The vast majority support BREXIT, but the referendum was fixed to make people believe it was only a thin majority.

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