Pay Me More You Dumb Taxpayer

Giggle giggle, snort snort… I’m a BBC fake news presstitute bringing you crap and nonsense about….

…. foreign regimes we must change,
the taxpayer funded war on terror,
vaccines being essential for human well being,
GMO food which must be embraced and consumed,
the fear of man made change Co2 bollocks which you must all worry about,
diverting you from real child violation by highlighting knee touching scandals from 15 years ago,
confusing you and your children about sexual identity,
warning you that Brexit and Trump are sexist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic agendas,
alerting you to the perils of Putin,
making you aware of the latest disease epidemic for which their is a new pharmaceutical product,
reminding you that teaches and nurses moaning about poor wage levels and long hours should be lucky with their lot,
diverting you from any debate about €U-UK military unification…

…. and you, stupid dumb arse taxpayers, still don’t pay me enough money, so I’m protesting until you feel guilt ridden enough to support my pay rise demands.

I guess = represents equal pay? Zzzzzzzz….


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