Panama Papers are fake

A major clue to what is going on with the “leak” is found in the section at Wikipedia on “people named” in the leak.

Included is the Prime Minister of Iceland, which should throw up a red flag. This Gunnlaugsson had been the lead voice when Iceland refused to pay £2.3 billion in compensation when it threw the bankers out and nationalized the banks beginning in 2008. Some bankers were even arrested. So it is curious to find this guy named in this new banking scandal. The fact that he is near the top of the list and is one of the few people mentioned by name on the main page at Wikipedia tells me the Panama Papers leak is actually controlled by the big bankers themselves. They are using it to get back at Gunnlaugsson and others. It is so obvious.

Also notice that almost no one from the UK, US, France, or Germany is named. In fact, not one person is listed under Germany. One minor person is listed from the US. In France, only people like Le Pen and Strauss-Kahn are listed.

Except for Strauss-Kahn, almost no Jews are on the list from any countries. This is the opposite of what you should expect, given the Jewish preoccupation with banking and finance. The list should be heavy with obvious Jewish (and obvious-to-us crypto-Jewish) names. It should be a list of 300,000 Levys, Kohens, Steinbergs, Isaacs, Jonases, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Meyers, Liebermans, Fishls, Pollacks, Stuarts, Marxes, Stanleys, Morgans, Taylors, and so on.

This is all the indication you should need that the list is fake, upside down, and drawn up by the very people who should be prosecuted in these scandals.

miles w mathis’ article –

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