Moore Strange Allegations May Backfire In Trump’s Favour

The coming election involving Judge Roy Moore may be a significant moment in the Trump Presidency…
Moore crushes Strange in Alabama Senate primary

The establishment do not want Moore…
Mitch McConnell says Roy Moore ‘not fit’ to serve in the Senate, won’t rule out expulsion option

Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republicans has called for Moore to step down, so Moore’s successful election could inspire increased support for Trump and further undermine Mitch McConnell, John McCain and the Republican / Democrat establishment. Trump seems to represent something above and beyond party politics; he represents perhaps a return to the constitution and for people who have long been fed up with the same old same old for decade after decade.
The corporate media and Washington establishment ‘swamp’ want Roy Moore to step down. İf he prevails and wins, his presence in Washington will be interesting to watch.

Women in Alabama have fought back in defence of Roy Moore:
Women For Roy Moore Press Conference (11-17-17)

Further more, as the allegations against Trump and the likes of Moors have been pushed by the establishment, it is the establishment figures coming under increasing scrutiny of being guilty of similar allegations themselves…

You Better Put Some Ice On That


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