MLK conjob is full of holes. No assassination happened.

Let’s move on to the crime scene. It also makes no sense. We are told MLK always stayed at room 306 at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. Wikipedia says it was known as the King/Abernathy suite. That contradicts earlier parts of the history, where it is admitted that King was known to be a target. He had allegedly survived previous assassination attempts. Given that, it would be the height of stupidity to

stay in the same room at the same hotel that often. It breaches all rules of security. You might as well call up the hitmen in advance. His loitering on the balcony is also against all rules of security, besides being illogical. There was nothing to see, so why would he be out on the balcony? It is not like he was on the West Bank of the Seine or the Palazzo San Marco. He might as well have worn a bulleye on his chest. This indicates the whole thing was a set-up.

Another thing that indicates that is that he was allegedly shot at 6:01pm. Dopey criminals who leave their rifles in plain site after a murder aren’t normally that punctual, but military intelligence is. The military does things by the clock.

We are told the King was shot in the face. Right cheek. Breaking his jaw. Curious then that we have open-casket photos of him, with no face damage.

That’s his right cheek.

Again, both cheeks looks fine. What isn’t fine is the coffin, which has changed. Not only is the frill different, we seem to have some sort of box within a box here. Whereas, in the first one, you couldn’t see the wood at all. They are both faked, but the two fakes don’t match.

Also convenient that they had a photographer onhand to capture the event.

That was taken by Joseph Louw before Ray has even left the premises. Louw was there so fast because he was staying three doors down. Louw was a photographer and filmmaker working on a documentary about King, and he just happened to be there ready to roll—even though it was dinner time. We are told these people are pointing to Ray as he runs off. And you believe that? Why then are they all pointing, but not one is running after him? He is supposed to be visible to them, just across the street, but no one thinks to give chase? But of course they are black men and Ray is a white man: they have no chance of catching him on foot, right? I’m sorry, I have to insert some humor in here or we would all go mad.

That photo is probably a paste-up. Why? Well, study the people on the ground. They don’t seem too concerned, do they? You have a dying man above them bleeding to death, shot by a high-caliber rifle, and at least six people screaming and pointing, but the people on the ground are just continuing their casual conversations. Look at the group of maids over there having a smoke, totally unaware of the scene around them.

So it may interest you to know that this Joseph Louw rushed to the studio of fellow King photographer Ernest Withers to develop his four rolls of film. Withers was at the Lorraine with Louw, and is one of those going in and out of room 306. Withers was posthumously outed as an FBI informant. The mainstream media tried to spin that revelation in 2008, claiming Withers was spy against King. But of course the better explanation is that all these people were FBI or CIA, including King. The whole event was a project.

As has been said before by others before me, the people in the photo above are pointing in the wrong direction, so the script must have been in transition. They aren’t pointing to the rooming house across the street. Others have used this to theorize a different shooter from the Gattis penthouse or other places, but you can now see we have a more likely explanation: there were no shots from anywhere. These people are just pointing where they were instructed to point. It is all staged.

Same with other evidence later used by others as misdirection. It is now known the rifle and binoculars

found by police were dumped before the alleged murder—that according to testimony of the owner of the Memphis amusement shop, who watched it being dropped. Furthermore, the slug that allegedly killed King didn’t match the rifle, and the scope on the rifle was not focused. The King family itself has used that to accuse the US Government of a conspiracy in the murder; but again, a better explanation is that the event was faked in a sloppy manner. They simply didn’t bother to match details, because they knew from past experience they didn’t need to. The American public would believe whatever it was told. It always has.

So let’s return to the WHY of this event. Another desired outcome of this faked assassination was race wars, which they came nearer achieving back then than they do now. Although they are still at it, as we saw with the Trayvon Martin hoax and the Charleston hoax. But now very few blacks or whites even look up. Some shake their heads, but no one even thinks of starting a race war. So all we see is the news writers writing for one another. They are hired to supply the required outrage. They create the event and then create the response, so it is OK if you sleep through it. It doesn’t matter any more.

All along, they have been faking these things to keep your eyes off the real events. In 1968, they wanted your eyes off the bankers and their conjobs, and that is still the main reason for running these fakes. Anything to keep you from realizing the bankers, the military, and Intelligence are just three big money pits, siphoning money directly out of the treasuries and giving you absolutely nothing in return. We can now add science to that list, since it has become the fourth largest conjob on the planet.

Martin Luther King

by Miles Mathis



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