Milo Has A Chat About Islam

A return to the amusing 4 x 2 bubble ‘n’ squeak Catholic ginger beer pommy… Milo wants to deport all self-confessed Muslims because they are a threat to his freedom and liberty. An Australian woman tries to convince Milo she is a practicing Muslim.
“I think I’ll let you stay because you don’t qualify as Muslim…”
She is hardly left sobbing, but 10 mins of fun…
MILO Leaves Australian Muslim Activist In Sobbing Heap


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  1. Mark says:

    Milo sounds insecure. Understandable. Not used to meeting a decent challenge. Prefers a podium and easy opposition. Defensive and rattled. The need to be in control. Hear them tones. Note the title – what an angry man. Liked Milo when first heard and some of the alt. right, now they come over tired and worn out. Full of themselves and unable to engage in solutions. Except, drum the separatist line. “Expel the Muslims from the West”. Why not extend the list? Ding-bats. They know full-well the flags are false that drive much of their reasoning. And tensions in the inner-city a whole lot more convoluted than “it’s Islam”. Yet, dare not go anywhere, near this. Sure and yes, yes, yes… get the anger at homophobia and sexism. People and places that lock-down, batter and murder in any-God or otherwise name. And should bang-on about this but the ‘Australian Muslim Activist’ had him good and proper. In weakness can be a strength. Respect he posted the video. If ever communicated would encourage him in his claims and Christ. Encourage him to get open and consider alternative, alternatives.

    • NPP says:

      Not used to meeting a decent challenge?

      Really? He offers himself widely. He gets banned. Whatever the rights or wrongs of Milo, he puts himself out there.

      I thought he was funny and she was pathetic. Sure, I could ask Milo some questions, but thus far I’ve not had the opportunity. He’s funny for what he says he is.

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