Meet Aron, Elvis Presley’s twin brother.

The movie Kissin Cousins used split screen, but were there actually two Elvis’?  Miles W Mathis thinks there were.  In fact one Elvis, he says, did the rock star role, while the other, real name Aron, made all the movies.  His nose had a different look to the rock star Elvis’s nose, which was pointed (wearing blue shirt above).  Aron’s was thicker and a fraction shorter (red and black check shirt), although they were in their younger days, very close identical twins.

We were always told that Elvis had a twin brother who died at birth.

The story that the twin didn’t die, but was hidden away for future show business purposes is most convincing.  The story that Elvis died young would no longer make sense, if this was the case.  Miles Mathis unravels the tale, finding all the evidence he can, and giving you his best guess on all the facts.

Another movie had two Elvis’ called Double Trouble.  Were they trying to tell us something?




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