Madeleine campaign to get the truth out to the British public. Street sellers required.

Richard D Hall starts with Daily Mail reporting Boris Johnson quoting Mandalay poem 24 hours before Mandalay Bay incident happened.

But this mostly concerns his investigations into Madeleine McCann, which is excellent, and exposes the deception the public is being put through.

The Youtube description runs as follows –

On today’s show Richard launches a new campaign aimed at raising public awareness about the true facts of the Madeleine McCann case. The Richplanet series of films about Madeleine have been well received and gained a large audience online.

However, there is still a huge gulf in public knowledge outside the sphere of the internet about this case. Most people who only read newspapers and watch mainstream television have been brainwashed by the baseless stories which have been continually manufactured over the last ten years.

It is time to take the information to these people. You can help with this message, please watch the video for more details.

In part two of the show Richard presents his research into the “Bridgend Suicides”, prepare to be slightly shocked.

And finally in part three we visit the beautiful country of Ireland.



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