“Like A Flying Buttress For The Cathedral”

Yep, a quote from the UK Foreign Minister on the €U. Bob Geldof finds a new cause while UK Column administer Boris Johnson with truth serum.

Published on 13 Nov 2017
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News on the “historic” day the EU got their unified military.


00:26 – Today’s mainstream headlines…
01:23 – Real news: Foreign Affairs Council meeting 2017
07:46 – Mogherini: Why does the EU need a military…?
11:40 – Global expansion of military involvement
13:43 – “EU closer defence co-operation, UK not involved…”
16:51 – UK Column article needs your MPs response
18:32 – UK & Australia defence pact
19:55 – Brexit: Committee stage of the EU Repeal Bill
21:00 – “Treason May OUT”…government collapse ahead…?
22:05 – Boris Johnson urged to visit Iranian prisoner
24:16 – BBC Media Action: transforming lives or subterfuge…?
27:28 – Sunday Wire: details from yesterday’s show
28:15 – Lebanon: Middle East ‘peace deal’ behind the scenes
31:18 – UK Column Pentothal injection for Boris Johnson
34:25 – UK Defence Minister: ‘counter-daesh’ meeting


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