It’s one small step for man, one giant lie for mankind.

If you cling to the notion that humans went anywhere near the Moon in 1969 then pay attention to today’s show.

New analysis of the words of the most famous astronauts (Peter Hyatt) will leave most people in no doubt they are both liars.

Attempts have been made to sideline moon hoax evidence.

Moon landing mythologists will (rightly) argue that if photographs were filmed on Earth, that does not prove they never went.

But it’s far less reasonable to use this argument about the astronauts own words, which reveal that neither of the Apollo 11 “moonwalkers” make any linguistic connection with having been on the lunar surface. Once this new analysis is realised with other well established evidence, only those with severe delusional psychosis will now believe that Armstrong went anywhere near the Moon.

Richard D Hall


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