How kids become autistic.  Calpol and  Vaccines destroy key linkages in the brain.

How kids become autistic.  Paracetamol.  Vaccines.  How exactly do kids get damaged?

Dr Graham Downing was a scientist before he became a doctor.  He finds that parts of the human brain are being deliberately targeted with medicines – to destroy them.  Human empathy is being switched off by these interventions.  Your ability to act as a human is being deteriorated.  Paracetamol is attacking the emotional brain.  The gateways of the brain are being shut down.

Phones are also reprogramming kids’ brains, with games imbalancing how the mind works.  Reward based games are designed to deliberately cut children off from their human qualities, making them addicted.  The games disconnect the rational mind.

Frequent game-playing on iPads decreases frontal lobe activity.  The bridge between the emotional side of brain and the rest of brain gets cut off.  The animal brain has to be controlled by the human brain..  This emotional brain, once cut off, is far more easily made to be afraid.  You move away from liberal views and become more afraid and more aggressive.

Males develop a stronger right side of the brain.  Autism is when the right side never properly develops, as when pregnant women are vaccinated.  All the social skills go.  Awareness goes.  Non-verbal communication goes (some verbal too).  Spatial perception gets shut down.  Global processing – seeing the big picture – gets shut down.  There are always more male victims of autism than female.

Human qualities are being erased.  More sociopathic people are the result.

Gaming online creates high dopamine, which causes the emotional state of extremely violent people.

The artificial intelligence programme is a part of the same picture.  People losing the ability to recognise, to be cognitive.  Big companies are working on reverse engineering the brain, overpowering human control.  Human machine augmented abilities are being created to be in use within fifteen years.  25 minutes in to video Dr Dowling’s stuff on AI.  AI technology is being created for autistic kids.  They are to be given artificial intelligence, which controls their being.

David Icke is also talking about the artificial intelligence programme in his talks now, says Richie.  It’s a terrifying prospect that the medical world intends to take over humanity via their brains.  The destruction of the human brain is already well advanced through the vaccination of pregnant women, children and babies, and the use of high doses of Paracetamol as with Calpol.




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