Have some readers lost their connection to The Tap?

A reader just called and told me that he can’t get the blog, and hasn’t been able to read any posts for about three weeks.  He’s on Google Chrome as his browser and will now try Firefox, Microsoft etc.

Are there any other readers who’ve been cut off, I was wondering?


It could be to do with the JFK posts, if people are cut off (stats have been a little low when you would expect a lift with such interesting posts going out) which were fed mostly from Miles W Mathis’ site.  www.mileswmathis.com

Miles worked out that all the theories about the ‘JFK assassination’ seemed to please the controllers of the media, except the one that JFK didn’t actually die in 1963, but was relieved of his untenable position as a heterosexual republican democratic anti-war President (he was probably gay, and an avid supporter of the so-called military industrial complex that made his family rich), so he could join a secret government which had been formed at the end of WW2 by the leading families, Du Pont, Morgan, Kennedy, Rockefeller and a couple of others.  His elder brother Jo Kennedy had been removed from public circulation in a convenient air explosion in 1945.  Nelson Rockefeller was replaced with a double or two.  Du Pont and Morgan died in air crashes months apart at US airbases (allegedly), so one member of each family disappeared from public view all at once.

By 1963 JFK’s big brother was possibly no longer willing or able to carry out the role of world leadership, and JFK was therefore slipped out of public view to join the secret government as the Kennedy representative, replacing his brother.  There was one member of each of the leading families who had become rich beyond imagination after WW2 reached completion, supplying all sides to the war.

Maybe this group hangs out around Martha’s Vineyard, and other secluded places, far from photographic lenses.  Miles’ theory holds water as far as I am concerned.

The Kennedys owned RKO studios in Hollywood and they knew how to make a good movie.  They made one which made it seem as if JFK was shot and killed.  Maybe a double was shot, and killed (watch the Zapruder film in slow motion on Youtube), but JFK wasn’t.



I have subscribed to The Sacred Plant and it’s been absolutely fascinating and very important information about cannabinoids.  I recommend it to anyone as important health information covering most ailments.  What’s more I found a bottle of CBD which has just started being sold in the UK, imported from Amsterdam, where cannabis has been legal a lot longer than here.

It is being legalised in the Philippines too before long so that will help a few people over there that I know.  27 US States have now legalised the plant.

As for myself I only took it today but have found a lot more energy than I usually have.   It could be a one-off effect.  Let’s see, or I won’t sleep well or something.  It’s CBD oil with not much of psycho-active part of the plant – the THC.  All I can say tonight is ‘WOW!’  I wish I’d had some of this stuff before.  I’ll report again in a few more days when I can be more sure this is a longer term improvement.


2 Responses to “Have some readers lost their connection to The Tap?”

  1. Sussexman1 says:

    I use the Epic Browser (https://www.epicbrowser.com/) adn have no problems accessing TAP, however when I change my VPN to being in the USA – Tap is not available!
    The Epic Browser also blocks trackers and pop-up-ads.
    I also use Opera which has recently been re-vamped

  2. Tapestry says:

    That’s why our numbers have slipped down a bit possibly. The subscriber complaining about access was also outside the UK. Thanks, Sussexman1.

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