Finally! – The BBC Outs U.S./ISIS Complicity in Syria

Even Western media can’t keep a lid on U.S. assistance to ISIS


Nov 18, 2017 by TOM LUONGO


I know this will come as a shock to my regular readers, but the U.S. has been working with ISIS the entire time.  Previously the Russian Ministry of Defense released unequivocal evidence of our allowing ISIS to move through areas controlled by U.S/Kurdish SDF forces to avoid Syrian Arab Army confrontation.

Now, no less a news source than the BBC, itself a major member of the U.S. Department of Disinformation, is now openly reporting this and outing Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ lies about why we are still in Syria.  Of course, the BBC is whitewashing all of this and portrays it as some triumph of humanitarianism.

But, it isn’t. Allowing ISIS to roam freely was always the plan in Syria so that it could overthrow the Assad government.  Now that that operation has failed, Plan D is to remain in country to keep a toe-hold in the region.

Without them as the bogeyman how can the McCain-wing of the U.S. Deep State and the Pentagon continue to justify our presence there?  And the reason why we are there is to keep Iran and Russia from running the table.

But, newsflash, they already have.  So, leaving our troops there is, at this point, sour grapes with no upside for anyone.

Remember, we are there illegally.  Our original allies in this operation, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are all operating there illegally as well.

Turkey, led by Racep Tayyip Erdogan, is still trying to act like it’s playing both sides against each other, but they are in Syria without an official invite from President Bashar al-Assad to both clean up its former proxies in Idlib and keep the Afrin Kurds from taking advantage of the power vacuum.

And that’s the way Iran, Iraq and Turkey want it.  The Kurds will be put back into their bottle and the U.S. will eventually have to leave.  But, for now, we’re continuing to try to have it our way by trying to get Assad to step down in Damascus.

And that is not going to happen.

Geneva Two-Step

So, despite the propaganda which terms our involvement as saving Syrians from the evil Assad, quite the opposite is the truth.  We are there to continue sowing chaos and prevent peace from breaking out.

Russia is adding to the pressure by putting the diplomatic screws to the Pentagon and its mendacity concerning the end of the Syrian ‘Civil War,’ a war began by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and continued as policy now a year into the Trump administration.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has taken the diplomatic gloves off calling ISIS and other separatist forces “wards of the United States.” And they are the ones in the most danger.  Moreover, the Pentagon has given these ISIS fighters cover to leave under the Geneva Convention since they ‘surrendered.’

But, in many cases they ‘surrendered’ while leaving with their war materiel.

The deal involved allowing more than 4000 ISIS fighters to leave Raqqa, a city the U.S./Kurdish SDF forces leveled by the way, as a convoy. This is not the first time this has happened.  The Russians bombed a similar convoy that was allowed to leave the Tabqa Dam months before the supposed “Battle for Raqqa” was even engaged.

Again, to repeat, these ISIS fighters and their families left under U.S. cover of the Geneva Convention but did so with their weapons in hand.  That’s, by definition, not surrender.

The U.S. military is in Syria to provide tactical and strategic cover for ISIS for future operations (Iran?  Afghanistan?) while it and its Kurdish proxies build a myriad of military bases in Eastern Syria.  And then to make things worse the actual Battle for Raqqa was simply a controlled evacuation while the U.S. Air Force leveled the city to hinder its rebuilding.

It’s a proud day to be an American, let me tell you.

Why we’re doing this is to continue influencing the settlement process along the lines of Israeli desires. The problem is that the U.S. no longer has much, if any, diplomatic pull around the region.  And this comes right back to Putin’s masterful turning of Turkish President Erdogan towards Russia.

That Putin and Erdogan were all smiles after yesterday’s meeting tells you that Putin realizes the Kurds are no longer needed to contain Turkey.  Watch the statements that come from Russia in the near future.  They will stress the ‘territorial integrity of Syria.’

That’s code for, “the Kurds get to stay split across Iran, Iran and Syria.”  It is also code for, “Turkey works with us, now.”

The End of U.S. Diplomacy

So, when Gen. Mattis makes statements about our mission in Syria it is looked at as a cruel joke by foreign diplomats, much like Nikki Haley’s performance at the U.N.  This level of double-speak was the hallmark of the Obama administration.  It’s supposed to have no place in Trump’s.

The continued shrieking about evil Iran lurking behind every minute move in the Middle East is becoming as ridiculous sounding and contra-factual that the Democrats’ continued harping about Russiagate is.

The BBC filing the report that is has which attempts to make cooperating with ISIS palatable for a western audience suffering from an unending string of disgusting terrorist attacks on their homes, is the height of chutzpah.

You can’t demonize ISIS for four years, allow them to run amok in London, Lisbon, Paris and New York and then call the Russians animals for not following the Geneva Convention’s Rules on treatment of prisoners.  And then, after letting them go their merry way, TOW rockets in hand, say that we need to stay there to combat them in the future.

And yet, that’s exactly what we are doing.

Diplomacy rests on the ability to keep to one’s deals.  If you continually say one thing and do something else eventually no one will listen to a word you say.  The U.S. is in that place now in the Middle East, so short of invading the entire region and/or ‘turning it into a parking lot,’ there is little influence we can exert over what happens next, other than to leave our troops there, stranded and without clear operational purpose.

Mattis should know this is an unacceptable outcome and should be talking about withdrawal, not an open-ended commitment to further the interests of our own nightmares.



The Absurdities of America’s Syrian War Propaganda


Nov 20, 2017 by Eva Bartlett


As if we have no memory, corporate media continues to recycle accusations of starvation, chemical weapons, and more, in the propaganda war on Syria.

In Syria, there never was a “revolution.” Instead, it was a premeditated war on Syria by foreign powers (namely the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel) who armed even Al-Qaeda (something Qatar recently admitted).

In support of the conflict comes some of the most egregious war propaganda, endorsed by media, Hollywood celebs, and faux human rights groups. The following is a brief outline of some of the most obvious hoax personalities and purveyors of misinformation on Syria.

Al-Qaeda’s rescuers

Irrefutable documentation reveals that the group known as the White Helmets and portrayed as “neutral, volunteer, rescuers,” are obscenely-funded by Western nations, work solely in Al-Qaeda and co-extremist areas, and have been present to clean up at executions. Yet, we are expected to believe they rescue civilians. People from areas liberated of Al-Nusra and cohorts described them as “the Nusra Front’s civil defense.”

Corporate media did not bother to investigate this transparent propaganda construct. Instead, they lobbied for Al-Qaeda’s rescuers to get the Nobel Prize.

While the group didn’t get the Nobel, they did receive an Oscar, and actor George Clooney’s endorsement. Even though he is busy being a celebrity, by now, he surely cannot claim ignorance. One wonders whether he will have the gall to continue his support for Al-Qaeda’s rescuers.

Funny terrorist spokesman

American former comedian Bilal Abdul Kareem was embedded with Al-Qaeda and other “moderates” in eastern Aleppo, promoted their narrative and interviewed Saudi terrorist Abdullah Muhaysini. Yet, corporate media like CNN have presented him as an “independent” source of credible information on Syria.

As Aleppo was being liberated of Al-Qaeda and company, Abdul Kareem claimed civilians did not want to go over to ‘regime areas.’ However, on many occasions before liberation, civilians did try to flee to government areas. In November 2016, I interviewed one family who managed to escape, along with over 40 other people. This particular family had tried twice before and were forcibly prevented by the “moderates” in the district of al-Halek in Aleppo.

When I returned in June 2017, in eastern Aleppo, I spoke with residents who had come back when peace was restored. I also saw hospitals turned into terrorist headquarters, using basements for Sharia court prisons.

Following the expulsion of Al-Qaeda and other “moderates,” over 100,000 people from eastern Aleppo chose to stay in government-secured areas, celebrating the liberation of their city.

Starvation in Syria?

The “Assad is starving civilians” theme has been recycled for years, from Damascus to Aleppo to eastern Ghouta. In 2014, a month after the Old City of Homs was secured, I met civilians who told me of terrorists stealing every last morsel of their food. I heard the same in Aleppo, and also this June in Madaya and al-Waer, Homs. When I visited Madaya, people told me: terrorists hoarded the food aid and dramatically inflated the prices to rates civilians couldn’t afford.

I saw a bomb factory, tucked away behind an apartment building, and remnants of the food aid which Ahrar al-Sham and Al-Qaeda had hoarded, and I visited some of their makeshift prisons used to torture and try civilians in Sharia courts. In al-Waer, life was trickling back. People spoke of starvation due to the terrorists, and of relief that their rule was over.

When “rebels” fire mortars into civilians areas, corporate journalists like to claim the Syrian government was the perpetrator. On a November 2016 day when two mortars hit Aleppo’s Castello road, less than 100 meters from where I stood without a helmet or flak jacket, the NY Times wrote that soldiers blamed “rebels” and “rebel groups denied it.” Yet, there was no disputing that the shells came from an Al-Nusra area.

In April 2014, after an elementary school was mortared by terrorists east of Damascus, killing one child, the BBC later reported, “the government is also accused of launching them into neighborhoods under its control.” On a recent social media post, I noted this deceitful journalism, and the BBC could have easily learned about the trajectory of mortars and from where the mortar in question could only have come: the “moderates” east of Damascus.

Channel 4 and Guardian deceptions

In a hotel in Aleppo in July 2016, I shared an elevator with Channel 4 reporter Krishnan Guru Murthy, without knowing who he was. I would later become very familiar with Channel 4 and Guru Murthy’s relentless anti-Syria propaganda and romanticization of the terrorist factions in Syria, white-washing their crimes, relying on Al-Qaeda and other very partial sources.

Guru Murthy produced a report embedded with the Nour al-Din al-Zinki faction, who he deemed “moderates,” although some months prior they had savagely beheaded Abdullah Issa, a Palestinian boy. Not initially a problem for Channel 4, they did later remove the incriminating video.

Not featured on Channel 4 or other corporate media reports were the nearly 11,000 civilians killed by the bombing and sniping of “rebels.”

I wrote about these attacks, and the over 4,000 Aleppo doctors disappeared by the media, along with hospitals and schools attacked by “moderates.” Corporate media was busy claiming “last doctors” in Aleppo.

When Krishan Guru Murthy, in July 2017, returned to Aleppo and interviewed MP Fares Shehabi, Guru Murthy refused to “get into history” over his lies, much less to acknowledge that the “moderates” he propagated about were Al-Nusra.

In April 2016, the Guardian reported that a Syrian or Russian airstrike “completely destroyed” the Quds hospital in Sukkari, Aleppo. The Guardian later claimed civilians were being treated in the same hospital after a chlorine gas attack, not researching that the sole chlorine gas factory in Syria had been taken over by Al-Nusra in 2012.

The original lie about Al-Quds’ destruction came from Médecins Sans Frontières, which claimed Quds had been “destroyed,” reduced “to rubble.” Since the Guardian was complicit in reproducing the lie, why didn’t the Guardian at least go to see the Quds hospital after Aleppo was secured? I did.

In June 2017, I stood inside the intact hospital. It was never destroyed.

I also met the boy, Omran Daqneesh, who, according to the Guardian, was injured by a Syrian or Russian airstrike in 2016. Mohammad Daqneesh said his son was only mildly injured, and not by an airstrike. He blamed media and those affiliated with the White Helmets for using his son in propaganda.

America’s fake war on ISIS

In June 2017, the American-led coalition illegally attacked Syria, shooting down a Syrian plane. America did so admittedly to protect its proxy forces, the Kurdish SDF, which the US is using not to fight ISIS but in its continued attempts to destabilize Syria and control its oilfields.

In September 2016, the US-led coalition waged a nearly one hour attack on a Syrian military position in Deir ez-Zor, enabling ISIS to take over the post.

In May 2015, convoys of ISIS streamed through hundreds of kilometers of open desert, taking over ancient Palmyra. The well-equipped, high tech, US-led coalition, offered no resistance, something which even Robert Fisk, openly sour about his dislike of the Syrian government, noted.

America has also “accidentally” delivered weapons to ISIS and has long sought to use a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria, aka Islamic State, as per a declassified US DIA document. One can always listen to John Kerry speaking in September 2016 about how America watched ISIS flourish. Excerpts include Kerry saying “We were watching. We saw that, that Daesh was growing in strength. And we thought Assad was threatened.

ISIS terrorist bedfellows with Israel

In July 2017, the Washington Post reported on an Israeli attack on Syria, citing Benjamin Netanyahu as saying they had attacked Syria “dozens” of times. Mint Press News reported on Israel giving medical treatment to over 3,000 terrorists. A 21st Century Wire article said the preference of Israeli politicians was even for an ISIS victory in Syria.

According to the Times of Israel, ISIS has opened fire on Israel and apologized. This is the jihadist group, ISIS, which doesn’t attack the natural target, Israeli regime occupying Palestine, but instead, collaborates with it.

Unbelievable memoirs

Eight-year-old Aleppo girl, Bana al-Abed, is incapable of speaking or writing in English, and has recently miraculously published her memoirs. For those not familiar with the shameful exploitation of this girl by her mother and terrorist father, I wrote about it in July 2017, also noting: “The Bana narrative features an endearing child who causes otherwise rationally-thinking people to uncritically-accept transparent war propaganda rhetoric.” Rhetoric included calling for WW3.

Bana has been promoted by fiction writer J.K. Rowling, who shares the same sponsor: the Blair Partnership. Critiques on Amazon reveal that thinking people aren’t buying brand Bana, in spite of her UN appearance and rehearsed speech about children dying from bombs and hunger (which the United Nations retweeted, as all good neutral and credible institutions might).

The above examples don’t even begin to cover the depth of war propaganda on Syria, but they do serve as warnings to consider from where corporate media are getting their claims, and what agenda their claims serve. Hint: it isn’t an agenda of bringing peace to the Syrian people. Maybe it’s time to start believing us “Russian propagandists”: you know, those who actually go and speak to Syrians, instead of citing Al-Qaeda affiliated sources.

Source: RT



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