€U-UK Military Unification

I the past week Nigel Farage has spoekn about an €U-UK army and now new UKIP leader Henry Bolton has addressed the London Institute of Directors… as featured in the UK Column below…

Published on 16 Nov 2017
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Caroline Stephens for today’s news update from the UK Column.

00:46 – Afghanistan: opium production is up again…
06:30 – UK: people trafficking continues apace
08:34 – Melanie Shaw: imprisoned child abuse whistleblower
10:51 – EU military unification: Britain wakes up slowly
19:01 – UK Column analysis with Caroline Stephens
26:32 – British people need to suspend political differences
29:35 – Direct public action has forced government’s hand
29:57 – Russiagate hysteria continues…
32:55 – MainStream Media (MSM) is destroying itself
33:41 – MSM creates The Trust Project to improve integrity…
34:53 – Trust Project: huge Internet multi-nationals to trust it…
35:55 – Freedom of speech: restricted at universities…?
37:49 – Grenfell Tower disaster: latest
42:18 – The Lords: debate on human rights and elderly care
43:57 – Penny Mordaunt: “Trust the way we spend aid money…”


The previous day’s show…
Published on 15 Nov 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Ellis and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.
00:38 – Britain’s defence is close to breaking point
07:37 – Detail: the current state of Britain’s Armed Forces
09:34 – The cause: deliberate policy and financial redirection
13:21 – EU military union…no secret in Holland
16:31 – ‘Interoperable’ military to be used however Brussels chooses
17:16 – Deliberate policy to recruit whoever Brussels wishes…
19:46 – F35 fighter: number 13 now delivered to MOD
20:27 – Autonomous defence vehicles and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
25:59 – Treason May & Philip Hammond host technology sector…
28:37 – Bank of England also involved
29:02 – Artificial Intelligence for the Police next…
30:52 – Israel to control Artificial Intelligence…?
32:16 – Senior Royal Navy officer ‘groping’ charge
36:49 – Satanism approved (advertised?) within Royal Navy
37:37 – A deliberate breakdown of Britain’s military
40:10 – Conservatives say: chaotic revolution is good…
40:48 – British Constitution Group meeting update
42:03 – British aid money – how is it really used…?
43:00 – No evidence whatsoever but…let’s blame Russia…

Henry Bolton tells BBC R4: ‘UK leaving European Union in name only’

Henry Bolton speaks at the Institute of Directors:
Save Our Services:

Military Unification has been on the European Union’s policy agenda for decades….


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