Eric Schmidt is perplexed he can’t teach a computer to lie

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt: It can be ‘very difficult’ for Google’s search algorithm to understand truth

Yeah, because truth is what you make it Eric, not what reality actually is and a computer that is not properly programmed to dynamically lie with agenda enforcing skill can be hard to control.

Anyway, here’s a snippet of his bullshit.

“In the United States’ current polarized political environment, the constant publishing of articles with vehemently opposing arguments has made it almost impossible for Google to rank information properly.

So says billionaire Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum on Saturday.

“Let’s say that this group believes Fact A and this group believes Fact B and you passionately disagree with each other and you are all publishing and writing about it and so forth and so on. It is very difficult for us to understand truth,” says Schmidt, referring to the search engine’s algorithmic capabilities.

“So when it gets to a contest of Group A versus Group B — you can imagine what I am talking about — it is difficult for us to sort out which rank, A or B, is higher,” Schmidt says.

Ranking is the holy grail for Google. And when topics have more consensus, Schmidt is confident in the algorithm’s ability to lower the rank of information that is repetitive, exploitative or false. In cases of greater consensus, when the search turns up a piece of incorrect or unreliable information, it is a problem that Google should be able to address by tweaking the algorithm, he says.

My comment: Here’s how you solve the problem Eric. You don’t program a computer to handle it. Instead, you get a panel of 50 people WHO ARE NOT FOREIGNERS, I mean, you have to get the scum sucking gutter trash from America’s liberal under belly who at least understand America to go over all the major web sites, reading all the articles, and then feed that into a ranking structure to decide what is “trash” to you, and what is not. You have to accomplish your objectives the old Soviet way.

These people need to find strings of text that are exclusive to the reports you hate, and strings of text that are exclusive to promoting whatever agenda you have, and then enter THAT into an ordinary text string comparing algorithm that does not think AT ALL, and simply deletes or derates any postings that have the text you hate.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM ERIC: You can’t teach a computer to be as evil as you are, as soon as you give anything brains it will see right through your bullshit. Give up, BOLSHEVIK SOVIET COMMUNISM IS YOUR MODEL, there is no way a machine can execute that model correctly. 50 goons are going to be a lot cheaper than 5,000 no talent foreign programmers when it comes to tackling your problem. Even if you hired 5,000 traitors from America’s old school (if that was even possible) they’d fail at programming what you want, because transistors and logic gates do not have motives!

Nov 21 2017


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