David Icke slung out by Manchester United

 Apparently a story suggesting Icke’s message is being thwarted by the mainstream, in fact here is Icke getting a lot of exposure with the assistance of Man U.  This looks like a media op to me.  TAP.
Manchester United you are a disgrace – football club cancels tonight’s David Icke book-launch dinner at the last minute on the say-so of ultra-Zionist hate group and freedom-destroying Labour MP
Launch dinner for hundreds of people for the new book Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told is cancelled on the day with Jaymie Icke led from Old Trafford by United security staff when he arrived to ask for an explanation (they did not even have to decency to tell us they had cancelled)


Manchester United have shown absolute contempt for the audience – among them many United fans – and contempt for the basic human right of free expression. They have done so on the back of lies told to them by the ultra-Zionist hate group and enemy-of-freedom Labour Party MP, Kate Green, the member for Stretford and Urmston.
Jaymie Icke pictured.
If you want to know why the Establishment and its hate groups so desperately want to silence David Icke then read his explosive new book – Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told https://www.davidicke.com/article/434935/david-ickes-brand-new-book-pre-order-now.
Her constituents might remember her contempt for free expression at the next election. ENDS.
Before he became a conspiracy theorist, David played football for Hereford
United, was a reporter for the Leicester Advertiser, and then was an announcer for BBC radio. In 1976,
he moved to Saudi Arabia, allegedly to “help” with their football team. That’s curious. In 1981 he
became a news presenter for BBC’s Newsnight, a major news program in the UK. He continued to
work on BBC Sport until 1990, by which time he was a household name. In 1989 he was one of a
handful of panelists in the high-profile debate on animal rights at the Royal Institute of Great Britain.
Other panelists included Germaine Greer, Tom Regan, and Mary Warnock.
All this success is more indication he was connected, since it is via these connections you succeed—as
Icke himself later admitted in lectures. He has told us the world is rigged, so before 1990 it appears itwas very rigged in his favor. Despite that, suddenly in 1990 Icke appeared to go off the deep end,
claiming he was the “Son of the Godhead” and claiming to receive messages from the beyond from
Wang Ye Lee. That name sounds like another Intel joke. Icke’s wife Atherton changed her name to
Michaela, which she claimed was an aspect of the Archangel Michael. Rather than put them both in
straightjackets, Terry Wogan was instructed to invite Icke to come on his program Wogan, a popular
prime-time talk show. Icke also appeared on BBC radio with Nicky Campbell, and ITV with Fern
Britton. I have to ask you, does this sound like a logical response to a colleague going starkers? Invite
him on national media to make an ass of himself? No, this looks like the start of a new project, doesn’t
it, with this as his bon voyage publicity. Remember, Wogan had him back on a few years later, by
which time he was already vindicated. Wogan backed down and appeared to be lectured by the
superior Icke. Very very strange. Ask yourself this: why would Wogan have him on, and why would
Wogan allow Icke to have the upper hand? These shows are completely staged, and Wogan and his
people were in control. They could have edited the show any way they liked. So why run promotion
for Icke? And, of course, they did a similar thing with Alex Jones on Piers Morgan a few years later.
Piers is a Morgan. Hello, does anyone ever make any connections? Does anyone even look at a last
name? These people don’t have to hide because their audience is so gullible.
Within the year, Icke had a book out with a mainstream publisher. Gill and MacMillan published Truth
Vibrations in 1991. Seeing that Gill and MacMillan mainly publishes educational books for school and
college students, why would they publish this wild conspiracy theory of a guy claiming to be a “World
Visionary”? It makes no sense. Although we are told Truth Vibrations was a bestseller, only one copy
comes up in the US at Ebay on a search.
Five more books came out in the next three years. This from a guy who couldn’t get through high
school, dropping out at age 15. And again, all were promoted by mainstream publishers. The first of
these was Love Changes Everything. But we find the same thing at Ebay, with only two copies
available worldwide, one in Australia and one in the UK! It was published by Aquarian Press. To
see some of the other offerings of Aquarian Press through the years, go here. Looks like another MI6
front to me.
We are told Icke has a huge audience, but to me it looks manufactured. The lack of books at Ebay
tends to confirm that. We see huge audiences for his lectures, but those can be bought. Remember,
Leni Riefenstahl had 30,000 extras for her films back in the 1930s. So just because you see a packed
auditorium does not mean any real people are paying to get in. Maybe they were paid to sit there. Do
you really think that many people are going to show up to be lectured to by David Icke? Believe it if
you must, but I no longer do.
A couple of readers have compared me to Icke, or asked me about Icke, which is why I am here on this
page today. I point out that Icke tends to accept mainstream history, simply giving you an alternative
reading. He accepts that the Protocols are real. Like Dave McGowan, he accepts that Kennedy,
Lincoln and MLK were assassinated, etc. So he and I have nothing in common. I have proved that
most of the big events of recent history were staged, so my reading and Icke’s reading have no point of
In my opinion, Icke is from the families he is pretending to out, and his project is to blackwash
conspiracy theories in general, by making them look as whacky as possible. This is what all the
Reptilian shape-changer stuff is about. Like Ezra Pound, Bill Cooper, Eustace Mullins, and hundreds
of others, Icke is an Anti, sent in to sully-by-association anyone who allies themselves to him, or
resembles him in any way. They want to be sure that anyone who researches Jewish subjects, inwhatever way, can be tarred and feathered with the same pot as Icke. I think that it is possible that, like
Pound, Icke may someday soon be instructed to go completely mad, ending up in a mental institution.
This will finally and abruptly blackwash all his statements about Zionists. But since he has appeared
half-mad all along, this may not be necessary.
Notice that another prominent plank of Icke’s theorizing is that our world is a hologram, beamed from
the Moon or Saturn. Except for the part about Saturn, he shares this theory with mainstream science as
sold at such places as Scientific American and other top science rags. Neither Icke nor the science
mags are in good company there. On my science site, I have deconstructed this project thoroughly in
many papers. It is a conspicuous project of Western Intel, another subset of the old Operation Chaos,
by which worldwide Intelligence attempts to explain to you the source of your own confusion. It isn’t
that you are purposely miseducated, taught a lot of contradictory things to keep you disempowered. It
isn’t that all problems—scientific and non-scientific—are vastly overcomplicated, to keep you from
progressing. It isn’t that the media is one gigantic lie. It isn’t that you are kept miserable and confused
so that you will spend more money to compensate. It isn’t that you are kept in a state of managed fear
and anxiety and panic, to the same end. No, according to them, the problem is that you are a brain in a
tank, fed information from the Moon in the form of holography. You aren’t being hoaxed by cryptoJewish governors, intent on stealing everything you own while you are in therapy; no, you are being
hoaxed by aliens or Satanists or reptilians from another dimension.
Also notice that Icke has nourished a relationship with the far right, while I have simply outed it as
another hoax. I have no relationship to the far right, and want none. I sell myself as an old-fashioned
liberal (not neo-liberal), of the pre-Limbaugh definitions. Meaning that I am opposed to both the oldworld-order of top-down control via lying and theft and the new-world-order of top-down control via
lying and theft. Mainly I am for the truth and for a world not managed on every level by the hoaxing
governors. I am against all the treasury-sucking schemes of the elite, and believe that public monies
should go to real and useful projects. I am against raping the world and the majority of its people for

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Icke channels some worthwhile information, and is a good source on occasions. He leads you down the garden path and leaves you to fend for yourself at the end of it. Icke is not a bad place to start with conspiracy research but is a terrible place to end up. He does have a genuine following, and can fill seats. He is a good performer and talker. But he goes nowhere politically which always seems strange. Miles W Mathis is a lot more interesting in the detail, and he creates a picture which makes more sense than Icke’s.

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