20% of the British population are living in a sacrifice zone. Barclays Bank threatening Yorkshire lives.

Justice Morgan issues ruling – overriding precedents, riding roughshod over all other British Law.   The North of England is being thrown to the dogs.  13 million people.

The UK is now living in a de facto fascist state – government by the corporations.  Any form of physical opposition to fracking companies will be a criminal offence, and a contempt of court, according to this week’s court decision.  Justice Morgan’s decision will be appealed, and in all likelihood will go to Strasbourg.

Third Energy is owned by Barclays Bank, so the fracking war in Yorkshire is with Barclays Bank.  Demonstrate outside or inside Barclays banks everywhere.

The site at Kirby Misperton site is still quiet.  The final decision to frack has yet to be made.  Greg Clark (Minister) has yet to sign the order to frack.  If he does so, he will immediately he sued as the person responsible for destroying the environment of North Yorkshire, the lives and health of 13 million people.  Maybe he’s hesitating before taking that on.  Assuming Greg Clark will give the warning of a decision to Barclays Bank in advance, people will have plenty of time to get the level of resistance up to the maximum level.  Get down to Kirby Misperton all those living under an hour away.  You can go every day and make fracking an impossibility in your area, no matter how much the government thinks people can be trampled underfoot.

Scotland has banned fracking.  Yorkshire is now the front line.

Don’t be put off.  Get after the frackers.

Aggressive policing against anti-frackers is being criticised by the church.  Bishop Graham Cray appalled by Police behaviour at Kirby Misperton.

Northallerton ‘suffragettes’ marched today in North Allerton November 24th Friday.  Middle England is awakening, and rising up.  Mrs Average Normal is out on the street.  Barclays Bank should find a way to back down, if they have any sense, and pull out of fracking.  Is it to be fascism, and a fight with the female?  Or Barclays will choose to continue in business?




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