Charles Darwin was not the first to write about The Theory Of Evolution

I live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire which these days goes on endlessly about Charles Darwin having been born locally and lived here.  The references range from The Darwin Centre (town centre shopping and biggest carpark), to the new University (offshoot from Chester) to nearly everything you see in hotels promoting themselves to visitors like The Lion Hotel.

I get a bit tired of it now, although years ago it was OK as it was more understated, and not so much in your face.  If only people knew how Darwin applied the Theory of Evolution to humanity, they would probably keep very quiet about his being a local.  In his other works he suggested the Irish should be eliminated as a race, and his works were the basis on which the Nazis and organisations like Planned Parenthood went on to justify racial genocides.

There is another factor relevant to this topic – that is that Darwin didn’t originate the Theory Of Evolution anyway.  He copied it from its true inventor.  In his long piece on exposing  Mark Twain as a spook working for large corporations planning wars, he adds this interesting extra paragraph at the end.

As a tack-on, I wished to mention an outing in a film I just watched. It was the 2006 movie
The Fall, directed by Tarsem and starring Lee Pace.
It grossed just 3.7 million, and since it must have cost far
more than that, I suspect it is one of the biggest box office bombs of all time.
They refuse to tell us how much it cost. It was recommended to me by a friend. It wasn’t great, but it was watchable.
I always like to see Justine Waddell, even if she isn’t used to any effect. Anyway, there were several
outings in the film, but the most obvious was of Darwin.
One of the characters is Darwin, dressed in a
ridiculous coat, and he carries a monkey with him the entire film. The monkey’s name is Wallace. As
it turns out, the monkey has all the brains, and his suggestions save the group several times. It isn’t
hard to decode this, since we are being told evolution was Alfred Russel Wallace’s theory, stolen from
him by the fraud Darwin.
Since I have suggested that in passing in previous papers, it was very easy
for me to see, but I doubt anyone missed it. We could just take this as the personal opinion of the
director, but in my opinion that would be naïve. Since these major directors are also major insiders,
connected to all the old families, they know the score. And since most of these films come out of
Intelligence to one degree or another, we find Intel also planting clues in them. So my assumption is
someone is outing Darwin on purpose here as a fraud, and I don’t think it was Tarsem. I see it as one
more sign of feuding among the old families. In support of that assumption, we find Dan Gilroy
credited as a writer. He has worked on the Bourne movies, as well as
Nightcrawler and Freejack— all of which look to me like Intel productions. Notice Alfred Russel Wallace’s middle name. Russel, a variation of Russell. Possibly the current Russells are trying to steal back credit for evolution from
Darwin. Just a thought. The Russells are big in Hollywood: think Kurt Russell, Keri Russell, Jane
Russell, Theresa Russell, Rosalind Russell, and possibly Russell Crowe. More to the point, think of
directors Ken Russell and David O. Russell, whose father was a VP at Simon&Schuster.
With a closer look, it appears that all the major characters in The Fall are keys in this
roman à clef.
Another character is an Italian explosives expert named Luigi. He is not as transparent as the Darwin
character, but to me he looks like Alfred Nobel. Nobel died in Italy. If you read him as someone else,
let me know. I am taking suggestions. Another character is a silent Indian warrior who rubs his
eyebrow. Is that meant to stand for Gandhi? Not sure. Another character is a muscular ex-slave
named Otta Benga. He frees the slaves. Is he supposed to stand for MLK? Again, not sure. Then we
have a Mystic, otherwise unnamed. In the film he is also shown to be a fraud, telling us these mystics
are conmen.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Another point about evolution is, even if the theory holds water, it has been proved through mitochondrial DNA analysis that human beings didn’t evolve. We all come from one female who lived 250,000 years ago approximately. More likely we were genetically engineered. Creationism wins out! How many more reasons do we need to dump Charles Darwin. He’s a loser from every possible perspective.

  2. archer says:

    Right on, Tap – Darwin was full of guff; a charlatan that was pushed to the fore to promote heathen views that have become the accepted (?) norm in today’s society.

    Any scientific evidence of evolution out there…? Er – no (afaik). On the contrary, genetic mutations usually result in health problems/sterility/death when expressed.

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