YouTube is dead.

The day has come. YouTube finally and definitively jumped the shark with their latest crackdown on any channel asking questions about the official narrative. My last live show, “Las Vegas Shooting: Question the Narrative Call-In Show” (available in full on SoundCloud), was hit with a strike, leaving me unable to livestream on that channel for 90 days. Given how careful I have been to stay within the lines, it is clear that there is no future in posting more content to YouTube only to have channel after channel taken down.

That leaves me to an exciting announcement. Lift the Veil will now be broadcasting on new platforms which I believe can be sustainable and allow me to present the kind of content that viewers expect from LtV. I look at this as an opportunity rather than a setback because I’ll be free to speak my mind without the constant fear of attacks and suppression. I hope that you will join me in having a positive outlook for the future of LtV on these new platforms.

Twitch: A beautiful platform which I’ll be using exclusively for live shows. The show will start at the usual time so as not to add any confusion to the transition – 1:11p PT / 4:11p ET. Please subscribe and turn on notifications.

Patreon: All new one-off videos will be uploaded here first, so this is your best bet for catching the latest from the channel. Become a patron for $1/month ($5 suggested) to view all archived content.

Steemit / DTube: Perhaps the most exciting opportunity to generate revenue for the channel, these connected platforms are a little rough around the edges and require the most work to get involved. I beg you to go through the signup process on Steemit (which takes a day to get verified) because this will allow you to financially support the channel merely by commenting and upvoting on posts. Content here will always be free to view.

SoundCloud: All shows will continue to be uploaded to the podcast on SoundCloud and always free to enjoy. If you haven’t tried listening to the show yet on podcast, I invite you to give it a try. You may find it to be a more immersive experience without the distractions that can come with the live show.


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  1. NPP says:

    Let the free market give platform.

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