Wi-Fi is insecure even when switched off

The recent catastrophic Wi-Fi vulnerability was in plain sight for 13 years behind a corporate paywall

“The recent Wi-Fi “KRACK” vulnerability, which allowed anyone to get onto a secure network (and which was quickly patched by reputable vendors), had been in plain sight behind a corporate-level paywall for 13 years. This raises a number of relevant, interesting, and uncomfortable questions.”

My comment: I told everyone this via posts to this site multiple times over the years, this was not a secret around here! There is a reason why this site has so many problems with external assault of all types, and it is because I air this crap long before it hits mainstream.

For years I have told everyone that back doors are wide open in Windows and everything else, and all it took to get access to them was a big enough payoff and/or privileged status. Now I have been proven absolutely right by the “recently discovered” wifi vulnerability, which as it turns out was only recently discovered because open source developers up until now could not pay the steep price to get the back door opened.

Here’s the part that even this recent discovery has not revealed: All wifi is always on even if disabled , and always accessible to privileged people, and all they need to know is your general area and they can get onto your computer via a stranger’s broadband internet if the computer hooked up to that broadband has wifi. It does not even need to be a special ambush setup, they can nail you from a couch 5,000 miles away. To steal your creativity. To steal your latest invention. To secretly plant, modify, or delete files, or install keyloggers or whatever else they want. To know everything about you, and others like you, so they can launch their next psy op more effectively. And it does not take the NSA to do it.

The only way any computer can be remotely safe is if all you do is work from flash drives, and have no wifi card, do your work on the web with no flash drives in, and get off the web before you do anything serious. But once again, few people will listen because I am not “Edward Snowden.”

No Wifi card is ever active in anything I have and has not been for the past 5 years. Every laptop I have had has been easy to take the wifi card out of, all I do is pop a panel off, take the screw out of the wifi card, pull it back, and then line the pins up with the card slot on top of it but not inserted in it, and then put the screw back in. It always stays with the laptop. If I get to a place where I have to use Wifi, I pop the panel off the laptop and put the card in, which is always right there. If you don’t do that, your computer is a sitting duck no matter how well your wifi is “disabled”.

Bluetooth has the same vulnerability, as does any computer that has an Intel processor, with the only difference being who gets access to what, and whatever the price or motiviation is.


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