Who runs The Deep State? And where?

I will answer a few questions before I close. Someone might ask me why a cabal of trillionaires would agree to put Joe, Jr. on a secret throne, as King. The kid was only about 30, after all. If a Morgan, DuPont, Kennedy coup succeeded in 1945, as I claim, then why didn’t one of the old men become King? I suggest it is because all the top guys were getting old, and they didn’t want to countenance the possibility of internecine wars when one of them died. Say Joe, Sr. had become the Hidden King, and had then died a few years later. You would then have a battle for his replacement. To avoid that, you put someone young on the throne. But again, why a Kennedy? Why not a Morgan or DuPont?
Well, perhaps Joe, Jr. wasn’t the only Hidden King. Maybe there was a triumvirate or other oligarchy, with sons of Kennedy, Morgan, and DuPont ruling together. To test that theory, I researched sons of Morgan and DuPont. I couldn’t find anything on Morgan, but look what I found on DuPont! It was fabulously easy, since I just searched on male DuPonts who died  around 1944. Richard Chichester du Pont died in late 1943. Know what else?
He died in a plane crash.
Know what else? The plane crash was on an army base, March Field, and once again happened under mysterious circumstances. Du Pont was 32, almost the same age as Joe Kennedy, Jr. He had been special assistant to General Henry H.Arnold, chief of the US Air Force. Know what else? He died on September 11. Cue Twilight Zone music.
This tends to confirm my thesis once more, and suggests that a deeper analysis of the Morgan family would find the link to it. My quick search on the Web wasn’t able to uncover it, but I did find traces of misdirection at the genealogy sites, which had seemed to scrub information, especially concerning the great grandsons of J. P. Morgan. I don’t think Joseph Kennedy and Richard du Pont were the only Hidden Kings.
A Morgan likely joined them, and I would suspect a Rockefeller as well.
With that in mind, we may reread a recent bit of news concerning the Rockefellers. Richard
Rockefeller, son of David, is said to have died in a plane crash on June 13, 2014. Note that:
plane crash.
This is how it is done. That is a signal. The date is also a signal. June 13. We have already
seen that date in one of my previous papers (on the Simpson trial). O. J. is said to have murdered Nicole Simpson on June 13. The Pentagon Papers were first published on June 13. The Miranda decision was on June 13. The Catalina Affair was on June 13. The Lindbergh parade was on June 13. June 13 is St. Anthony’s day. St. Anthony is the saint of
lost people.
I take that to mean that this was the time for Richard Rockefeller to join the ranks of the invisible, and take his time on the Hidden Throne. But what Rockefeller did he replace? We can answer that, too.
Michael Rockefeller disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1961. His body was never found.
He was the 23-year-old son of Nelson Rockefeller. In 2014, Michael would have been 76. He
apparently ruled for 53 years.  So which Rockefeller ruled from 1945 to 1961? I suspect Michael’s father Nelson Rockefeller. You will tell me Nelson Rockefeller was prominent in politics in later years, which is true. But it looks to
me like the Rockefellers used a different scheme than the others. The others used faked deaths, while the Rockefellers used a double.
For proof of this, we go to his bio. We see a big change in 1945. Truman supposedly fired Nelson
Rockefeller from his post as Assistant Secretary of State in that year, and Rockefeller moved out of Washington. From 1945 to 1958, Rockefeller inhabited surprisingly drab positions in various advisory committees. These positions could easily have been filled by a double, especially since we assume the double was still controlled by the family. At the other end of the period, 1961, we find more strong evidence. Rockefeller’s wife divorced him in early 1962 and he remarried in 1963.
She did not remarry.
Of course that is just what we would expect. Since I am proposing that the real Rockefeller
died in 1961, Mary Clark no longer felt the need to keep up the charade, and she retired from the program.
There are very few pictures of Nelson Rockefeller before 1945, but the ones that we do find don’t match the later Rockefeller.
Neither of those leave us with any idea we are looking at the Nelson Rockefeller we know from US history. Notice the mole on the left cheek. You will say the later Rockefeller had such a mole, but the problem is the later Rockefeller had a raised mole, not a brown mole. The one in the second picture above has been penciled in to match the later Rockefeller (or one of them—there were several doubles). Also notice two other things in the second photo. Notice the teeth, and notice the scar under the mouth. You will say there is no scar. Right, but there should be. One later Rockefeller had a prominent scar under his mouth.
For a lot more on when the Deep State was formed, how, who and where, follow the above link to Miles Mathis.  (sent in by Dublin Mick this morning.  Very interesting reading)
I have one final prediction. I predict that before 2020, a man claiming to be John F. Kennedy III will arrive on the scene, and that he will be able to prove it. He will be about 20 years of age, and he will explain that he had to remain “underground” for his own safety—due to the murders of his father and grandfather. He will achieve immediate fame, of course. He will spend some time in the limelight and then die under mysterious circumstances, probably having to do with a plane crash. I think you can see that this prediction takes no supernatural power. I would suggest to you that most successful predictions are of this sort: they are due to the kind of logic you see in this paper, not to divining or inspiration.
You will say, “Wait, are you telling me JFK, Jr., is still living in the Kennedy Compound in
Hyannisport?”  Yes, among other places. One of those places is on Chappaquiddick. For evidence of that, ask yourself why Presidents still vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. Every year, Obama goes on vacation there. Why would he do that? When there, he is probably the only black person on the entire island. It is not a common resort for black families. And he is not the only President to vacation or visit Martha’s Vineyard for no reason. Clinton is known to have “vacationed” there, although he had no ties to Massachusetts, Cape Cod, or the Island. In fact,every other President since Kennedy has either vacationed or visited Martha’s Vineyard while in office—usually on a yearly basis. What do you think
they are all doing there?
Anyone who researches Martha’s Vineyard will uncover many red flags. Just as a teaser, did you know John Belushi bought a home there just before he “died”? It is still in the family, since it is now said to be in his brother’s name (although Jim doesn’t live there or spend any time there). Curious, as I think you will admit. Did you know Martha’s Vineyard is the largest island on the East Coast not connected to the mainland by a bridge or tunnel? Do you think they can’t afford one? You have to ride two ferries to get to Chappaquiddick, or copter in.
We are told Teddy was “hosting a party” on Chappaquiddick the night of his accident. At whose
house? We aren’t told. But we are told that when leaving the party, Ted “requested the keys to his mother’s car from his chauffeur, Crimmins”.
Which means his mother’s car was at the party.  We aren’t told Rose was at the party, so why was her car there? If her car was there, we must assume the party
was being given at another Kennedy compound on Chappaquiddick. Take time to let that sink in, please.
But back to the Kennedys. You would think three faked deaths among these siblings would be enough, but we have yet another. JFK’s younger sister Kathleen is also said to have been killed in a plane crash, like her older brother Joe. She was three years younger than John and they are said to have been close. We are told she died in 1948, at age 28. That was just four years after Joe was said to have been killed. 1948 was also the start of Truman’s only elected term. By my analysis, it appears Kathleen’s death was faked like the rest. She was remarrying and probably about to have a baby, so it is likely she simply wished to disappear from the spotlight. What evidence do we have of that? Well, no one from the family except her Dad came to the funeral, and he only came because he was already in France, where the death occurred. Do you find that very likely? I don’t. A beloved child in a huge family dies, and no one comes to the funeral? I would say they didn’t come for the same reason Mary Lincoln didn’t go to Abe’s funeral: she knew he wasn’t there.
For those who still don’t think the Kennedys were up to faking all these deaths, remember that they were not above lobotomizing the oldest sister Rose. They allowed a doctor to stir her frontal lobes with a butter knife at age 23, turning her into a vegetable. This because “she was unruly”. Does this look like someone whose IQ is so low she needs to be carved up and institutionalized for life? No, there is something we aren’t being told there as well.  To see picture goto link.

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