Where Russia Was Invited The US Invade

Is Theresa strong or together? I suspect UK Column will comment tomorrow… but for today more news in 3/4 hour than an entire week of BBC:
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley present the  news update from:
UK Column News – 4th October 2017

The Telegraph continues to prepare us to trust Ted Heath was a cuddly bunny who only fiddled with pianos…
Heath sex inquiry to allege the former Prime Minister abused youngsters at sea
Blackmail. but no one knows!

Groundbreaking Tool to Remove Online Child Sexual Abuse Material
Apparently a £600K website.

London’s Collectivist MayorSadiq Khan on air pollution as he talks about Particulate Matter , and you all know what that is, don’t you… talk science and assume the public will think you know what you are talking about?
London Average Air Quality Levels
Revealed: every Londoner breathing dangerous levels of toxic air particle

Vanessa Beeley…children’s literature affiliated with Al Queda…. I didn’t catch the author’s name…. al-Abad? Vanessa talks about how many Al Queda associates are given a platform by our mainstream media to present their narrative.
Is Hamas, Fatah rapprochement a win-win deal?
The rebuilding of Gaza devastation has not happened. 1.8 million population, majority young in late teens without a future following 2014 bombing. All there facilities are largely controlled by Israel.
The United Arab Emirates has pushed divide between Saudi and Qatar. UAE considered favourably by US neo-Conservatives and Israeli Zionists. An economic wedge being driven between Hamas and primary financier Qatar.

US staging ‘fatal provocations’ against Russian forces in Syria – Lavrov
Interview of Sergey Lavrov with the Asharq Al-Awsat Pan-Arab Newspaper, October 2017
US involvement is based on force. The Russian participation is based on trust.
International law?

Boris Johnson Libya ‘dead bodies’ comment provokes anger
“There’s a group of UK business people, actually, some wonderful guys who want to invest in Sirte on the coast, near where Gaddafi was captured and executed as some of you may have seen.
“They have got a brilliant vision to turn Sirte into the next Dubai.
“The only thing they have got to do is clear the dead bodies away,” he said, before laughing.
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David Cameron’s Libyan war: why the PM felt Gaddafi had to be stopped
It was a rare outburst during months of calm chairmanship of the special cabinet committee that ran the Libyan campaign. “This is quite ridiculous,” David Cameron snapped at ministers gathered in Britain’s modest version of the White House situation room, known as Cobra, in the depths of the Cabinet Office. “Why cannot I just order they are going to go, and I will provide a waiver and indemnity on the legalities?”

Another complex situation… more to it than presented in mainstream press.
Help Rohingya Refugees in Myanmar and Bangladesh
Extremists within their own population attacking theory own population?
Aung San Suu Kyi to be stripped of Freedom of the City of Oxford

Defence Secretary to announce new £1bn support model for Royal Navy
Added note:
Supplied by Emm Jay…
Visibly drunk Michael Fallon forcibly separated from attractive Russian spy by minder

Test for the West… Russia hysteria continues
After all the anxiety, Russia’s Zapad exercise ends without provocation

How Russia Got Away With Masking a War Game of ‘More Than 40,000’ Troops

Vanessa: where’s Morgan Freeman? Funny….

NPP add: Morgan Freeman Goes Full Libtard


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