Was Leanne getting too close to pedocriminal rings? Husband the patsy while killers disappear into the night.

Poynton lake death: Detective was ‘tireless worker’

A detective found dead in a lake was a “tireless worker” and “popular figure” among colleagues, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has said.

The body of Leanne McKie, 39, was discovered in the early hours of Friday in Poynton, Cheshire.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said the mother-of-three worked in the sexual offences unit and sought justice for victims.

A man, 43, from Wilmslow remains in custody on suspicion of murder.

Image caption The body was found in a lake in Poynton Park

Cheshire Police said her death appeared to be “an isolated incident” and officers were not looking for anyone else.

Mr Hopkins paid tribute to Det McKie, who joined GMP in 2001.

He added: “I would like to offer my most sincere condolences to Leanne’s family and friends at this devastating time. My heart particularly goes out to her three young children, who she adored.

“Leanne worked tirelessly to provide support and seek justice for victims of sexual crimes.

“[She] was a popular figure among her colleagues, who have been left devastated by the news of her tragic death. She will be sorely missed by everyone she worked with.”

Image caption A 43-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder remains in custody

Tributes were also paid online to to the officer.

Adi Taylor wrote on Facebook: “My memories of Leanne was [sic] of a really cheerful, happy and approachable person.

“My thoughts go out to family and friends and especially her poor children.”

(TAP – note no mention of husband)

Matt Rogers, who said he was “devastated” in a social media post, described her as a “lovely, gentle woman”.


TAP – The accused man could be a patsy.  Being called ‘a tireless worker’ by the BBC might be suggesting an unwillingness to back off.  The Police seem very certain that this is just a one off event with no implications of threat to anyone else.  I wish we could be so certain.

The Sun newspaper lists her husband Darren as being 43, the same age as the arrested man.  Is the husband the patsy?


TAP – Yes he is the patsy.  Bloody likely he had anything to do with it.  They needed her out of the way, sorted her and pulled in the husband.  That’s my first instinct.  He looks like a devoted father.  They’ve been together a long time.  There was no sign of any trouble brewing.  The pedo gangs wanted her investigations stopped, and she was too diligent to back off.

Sun –

The day before she was found, Leanne shared photos of the home the family moved to after renting another property nearby.

The new tenant, who collected the keys off Mr McKie, told The Sun: “He said he was thrilled to bits about moving into the new home.

“He was a typical dad, making food for the kids as he showed me around. He seemed a normal, simple guy. He was polite and friendly.”

Another neighbour said: “They were a very likeable, happy family.”

 Leanne, seen here with Darren McKie ahead of a ball in 2014, was found dead in Poynton Park lake on Friday morning

Leanne, seen here with Darren McKie ahead of a ball in 2014, was found dead in Poynton Park lake on Friday morning



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