TV show cancelled after exposing elite pedocriminal ring

Dr Phil Canceled After Exposing Elite Pedophile Ring On TV Show Escaped pedophilia network survivor revealed to mainstream.

Dr Phil exposed an Elite pedophile ring with escaped survivor, Kendall.

Just days after Dr. Phillip McGraw exposed an Elite pedophile ring on mainstream TV by interviewing an escaped former child sex slave, his show was canceled by Dutch Media RTL.Despite airing the show for 15 years, the network refused to comment on the reason for the cancellation other than it was to do with the “choice of programming” made by the show’s producers.During the show that was aired last month, the child trafficking escapee, known only as Kendall, exposed a whole culture of Elite pedophilia that included heads of corporations and high-ranking politicians right at the top of the political spectrum.She described how she was flown all over the world as a child on a private jet to VIP events and given her own make-up artists and stylist to make her “look pretty” for her “clients”.Since she had spent almost her whole life in captivity she had rarely seen television or had access to the internet, but now says she sees the men and women she was sold to in the mainstream media all the time; “They control the world. The only one who can protect me from them is ‘the man who owns me’ – he taught me how to kill myself properly with a gun”.

Kendall revealed how she was sold by her birth parents into a life of sex slavery and that she was sexually abused “before she could even talk”.Since the show aired, Kendall’s story has gone viral all over the world, with people everywhere waking up to the reality sex-trafficking rings going all the way up to the echelons of society and political influence.For a long time, most people have considered the idea of an Elite pedophile ring to be a conspiracy theory, but revealing Kendall’s story on a mainstream platform has exposed the truth to a much wider audience.


The Netherlands has had its own epidemic of pedophilia with high-ranking Elites including a mayor and justice official who have been summoned to court by alleged victims of child sex-trafficking.A Dutch pedophile society recently challenged a Supreme Court ban on their organization claiming that the ban on their pro-pedophilia group was a violation of their rights to free speech.

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