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  1. NPP says:

    Trump’s businesses leave ruins everywhere. Really?

    I suspect this is not true. As far as I see, since Trump came, Syria has been able to consolidate her territory and be more stable and peaceful.

    If Trump interferes in Iran, that’s a different story.

    But, who knows, there may be another side to this story. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, but then may be I’m just a stupid optimistic twerp.

    Your headline is inaccurate and worthy of the Mail or Sun, but hey, each to their own.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Duterte likes him, as does Farage. The article was written by an American, who sees no hope in Trump. Certainly better than Clinton! But he’s since handed over control to the Pentagon. Quite clearly a scoundrel, jumping all over the Mandalay Hotel false flag to promote an NWO gun control agenda. It’s best to be realistic, while hoping as much as one dares. As Duterte says, it’s just chaos in the US now, with the left hand having no idea what the right hand is doing. That might be a good thing up to a point, I suppose.

  3. NPP says:

    Quite clearly a scoundrel…. your view.

    Jumping all over the Mandalay Hotel false flag… hmmm.

    Trump knows 9/11 was a false story. He has a difficult hand to play

    Trump. gun control agenda? I doubt it. Read Art of the Deal.

    …to be realistic? I try to be.

    As I say, if he proves to be another Clinton-Blair-Bush, I will sadly withdraw my enthusiasm.

    You must have to deal with some right arseholes at that level.

  4. alison says:

    OK… first, I compose a full reply and go to post… and it disappears into the ethers…

  5. alison says:

    So… then I compose a quirky response to this… and it… disappears into the ethers…

  6. alison says:

    And now… I’m just testing the process…

  7. alison says:

    And… when I try to post any meat, guess what!?!?

    It disappears into the ethers!


    Could I possibly be hitting a few buttons?!?!?

  8. alison says:

    What I love about this blog is that there truly is freedom of speech/expression…


  9. alison says:


    Some things never get as far as Tap…

    but DO get edited…


    • Gordon says:

      We’ll take that as a compliment Alison, thanks.

      Regarding Trump as a business man. I know he has played some very dirty and dubious tricks as a means to obtain what he desires but then there’s a lot of equally minded business people out there.

      Regarding Trumps Presidency thus far I can only say that it is a Deep State of affairs.

  10. NPP says:

    ‘I know he has played some very dirty and dubious tricks as a means to obtain what he desires…’

    Interesting. Examples?

    Alison, I cannot help you re comment posting to the anti-Trump blog. Indeed, TAP could comment alongside last night’s Andrew Sullivan…

    The Apocalypse Hasn’t Happened Yet
    A Point of View
    Andrew Sullivan says Donald Trump is teaching a generation that the key to advancement in society is to bully, lie, slander and cheat.
    He examines the long-term effects of the Trump Presidency.
    “It may be that in the future”, Andrew writes, “his appalling conduct will mark a cautionary tale – and future candidates and presidents will learn not to follow in his

    … and be at home amongst the BBC

    If the khunt (Himalayan anthropological term) hits Iran, he’s the same old same old, but until such time pleased do give examples to illustrate your disdain for ‘marmalade face’ as BBC Paxman called him. Of course, everyone is allowed to be nasty to Trump. Goodness forbid if he does the same.

    Rarely have I observed so much vitriol against a US President, yet he’s no worse than his predecessors and indeed thus far better.

    Fake news CNN… BBC another beauty. Wonderful Trump. His Tweets are glorious. The way he triggers sensitivities in others also glorious.

    • Tapestry says:

      Andrew Sullivan says Donald Trump is teaching a generation that the key to advancement in society is to bully, lie, slander and cheat.
      That’s always been the case for the ones with the determination to get to the very top. Anyone with any brain drops out of the rat race at a much lower level. Given the appalling nature of power, Trump at least can be seen to have a sense of humour and possess many human qualities. He’s struck a deal with Satan though, or he wouldn’t even be there. He tried to back away from rule by The Pentagon at the beginning and bought the world time compared to a Clinton holocaust. He is possibly being amazingly clever by allowing the Pentagon to now run the show, thereby digging their own political and military graves, while maintaining human relationships with as many as he can – like Putin, Duterte and those who are resisting rule by Pentagon. If he’s playing a double game, that would be a very nice idea, and I would wish him luck. NPP has an artist’s view of the world, and has great sensitivity about people. I hope he is right. I ran the post as it interested me, not because I want Trump to fail.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Re comments from Alison, there is ongoing interference with comments on this blog, which is probably why we get so few conversations going. I don’t think we can do anything although a reader suggested we get established on disqus and we would then be protected. I sent the comment on to the blog management and have as yet had no reply.

  12. NPP says:

    This one made it: What I love about this blog is that there truly is freedom of speech/expression…

    I would agree.

    I do not feel bullied by Trump. I am entertained. I am also trying to be pragmatic with the options given. Putin seems to be relatively sensible, but is it Putin? Is ‘Putin’ merely playing a clever intelligence game?

    I do feel inclination to speak up for him since the propaganda against him is remarkable. Name me a single decent leader. I have time for Farage, but Farage’s hero is Churchill. I now understand Rees-Mogg may be more duplicitous than first thought. Duterte appears reasonable given the challenges he faces….

    Trump’s businesses leave ruins everywhere is an unreasonable headline whom ever composed it.

    Andrew Sullivan is just a plain dullard bimbo. They have an anti-Trump section every Friday after BBC Any Questions.

    • Tapestry says:

      Brasscheck are obviously strongly anti-Trump which is surprising. That’s where this story comes from, and Brasscheck are normally on the nail. I guess it’s easier to have equanimity about Trump if you’re not living in the US. You could see Trump’s posture as being able and willing to negotiate with Russia/China/Iran rather than Clinton’s which was to start an immediate war on all fronts. But does Trump control the beast, or does the beast control him? The collapse of the dollar isn’t here yet but the rest of the world is preparing for the dollar’s demise – with the US-loyal Saudi royals fracturing and going to Moscow to talk, for example. China is Saudi’s biggest market and they are demanding an end to the dollar for this trade. America’s collapse could be happening faster than anyone can imagine, including those like Mad Dog Mattis in The Pentagon. At some point the old guard in the US will need to negotiate with the future. That said the Deep State and the highest echelons of power, like central bankers, are no doubt manipulating the collapse of the US/Europe and have moved their chips over to the new set-up a long time ago. They will leave behind the vast majority to sink into oblivion while they rise again atop the next empire of choice. If I was an American, I would be bitter too, and would blame it all on the figurehead thrust in front of me, when he’s just a puppet of the system like the others. This puppet might be able to avoid war, but for sure other factors and America’s $21 trillion debt will overwhelm any attempts to save the economy. The war will probably be an internal one where the Federal State lets FEMA/Homeland Security loose on US citizens, in combination with the weather/earthquake weapon, carrying out a mass cull. In combination with mass medication programme to further cut the population with vaccines to the fore. Europe may face similar in time.

      • NPP says:

        Energy flows where attention goes…. hey TAP, you make sensible points. I find the election of Trump so extraordinary; he over came extensive media and establishment bias. It still goes on everyday. I wonder if he can prove to be a good guy? Then again, is he yet another set-up? I am allowing my attention to contemplate a successful outcome; if nothing else it is a fun game. At least he is not HER.

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