The rush to transhumanism. Sunday 8th October 11am to 6pm. London.

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Connaught Rooms,
Great Queen Street,
London WC2B 5DA
Nearest Tube : Holborn
11am to 6pmSun 8th Oct 2017
Tickets available from :  &
TICKET HOTLINE : 0207 558 8869 
£35 in Advance – £45 On the Door
“Those currently in their 20’s are quite possibly the last generation of Humanity as we know it!”  –  Dr Graham Downing
 Event Agenda : Click on Speakers name for more info on their talk
10.30am – Doors Open

11.00am – Welcome

11.15amDr Graham Downing : ARITHMUS – Trans-Humanism & the Rise of Interdimensional Artificial Intelligence

12.15pm – Lunch

1.30pmPatrick Henningsen : The ‘D’ Generation : Slaves on a Digital Plantation

2.30pm – Afternoon Tea

3.00pmBrian Gerrish : THOUGHT LEADERSHIP … & The Ten Commandments.

4.00pm – Comfort Break

4.20pmIan R Crane – Is HUMANITY, as we know it, on the brink of Extinction?

5.20pm – Q&A with all speakers

6.00pm – Event Ends

Since 20th December 2016, my primary place of residence has been the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp in North Yorkshire. This was the date upon which Mrs Justice Lang rejected the application for a Judicial Review submitted by the residents of North Yorkshire, in a last ditch attempt to prevent THIRD ENERGY from FRACKING in the beautiful Vale of Pickering agricultural landscape.

As expected, THIRD ENERGY commenced deliveries to the FRACK Pad shortly after the end of the Summer season, so as to minimise their impact on Yorkshire’s most significant tourist attraction, Flamingo Land.

North Yorkshire Police have adopted a policy of Gratuitous Aggression from Day ONE. Scenes

of North Yorkshire’s para-military Police Support Unit (PSU) man-handling the primarily local Geri-activist community has caused disgust and consternation amongst the usually placid, ultra-conservative Ryedale Community.

Not satisfied with riding roughshod over legislation designed to protect the enshrined right to Peaceful Protest, North Yorks Police are adopting deeply sinister tactics to remove anyone filming their

increasingly outrageous and unacceptable behaviour, in a blatant attempt to avoid ANY public scrutiny.

This included a crass attempt to prevent me from LIVESTREAMING & FILMING the ‘Protester Removal Team’ at the FIRST Kirby Misperton Lock-On (Monday 25th Sept 2017).

I was arrested (see video below), then thrown into a ditch. The arresting Officer then jumped on top of me and pushed his knee into my chest, before calling for assistance to haul me out of the ditch.
Although totally bemused, I was unhurt … though the credit for this must surely go to Dr Steven Peers who had the misfortune to be behind me. The video below is a compiliation of video recorded by Dr Steven Peers (who I fell on top of, as I was pushed into the ditch) and Eddie Thornton.
As you will see in the video, it was initially alleged that I was ‘Obstructing a Police Officer’, though by the time I had been unceremoniously frog-marched to the Police Transport Vehicle, the charge had morphed into ‘Obstructing the Highway’!

After being taken to Fulford Road Police Station in York, I was released WITHOUT CHARGE, after being held in custody for three hours. I got back to Kirby Misperton just in time to see the last two, of the FOUR LADY Lock-on Crew, being loaded into the back of a Police Van.

Ian R Crane ARRESTED for FILMING at Kirby Misperton, North Yorks
Ian R Crane ARRESTED for FILMING at Kirby Misperton, North Yorks
Since this incident, just over one week ago, there have been THREE Lock-ons, ONE Mock-on and ONE ‘Lorry Surfer’. THIRD ENERGY have every intention of being the first Company to FRACK in the UK since the moratorium was lifted in December 2012 … this is the FRONTLINE in the anti-fracking Campaign and as ENGLAND is now the only entity in the UK where fracking is permitted (and the Tories are the only party supporting this insidious industry), the pressure is mounting on Theresa May to ‘Pull the Plug’.
However, it may not be quite so simple in England, as there is the distinct probability that there is a much more sinister agenda behind the desire to establish a network of deep wells across the ‘Desolate North’ … as you will see if you invest the time to watch the video below.

If you wish to support my contribution to bringing about an outright BAN on fracking please consider making a donation to my


Meanwhile, please check out the 8.30am LIVESTREAM updates on either my own Facebook Page (subsequently uploaded to my YouTube Channel) … or on the ‘Kirby Misperton Protection Camp’ FB page.

Here’s the link the KIRBY MISPERTON PHOTO GALLERY … feel free to use and/or distribute as you deem appropriate

Is the UK FRACKING Agenda a Red Herring for Nuclear Waste Disposal?
My thanks to 21st Century Wire for running a feature on this crucial issue.
  Ian R Crane | Alternative View | 0779 151 8740 | |

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