The Real €U Deal Is Military Union

Accelerating €U military unification, vaccinations and the BBC… prior to 2011 Syria was polio free. Great job UNICEF!
UK Column News – 12th October 2017
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today’s news update from the UK Column.

150,00 Syrian children being vaccinated.
More than 355,000 children under five years-old vaccinated against polio in hard to reach areas of Syria
The vaccines they had already given generated the latest outbreak.
Prior to 2011 Syria was polio free.
Vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP) and vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV)
Due to the risk of cVDPVs, OPV must be phased out to secure a lasting polio-free world.
 As wild polioviruses become eliminated, OPV will need to be phased out, starting with the removal of
type 2-containing OPV (the trivalent OPV to bivalent OPV switch).
 Currently, the type 2 component contained in trivalent OPV accounts for more than 90% of all cVDPV
cases (bivalent OPV does not contain type 2).
 Wild poliovirus type 2 has been eradicated since 1999.

All areas of Syria with vaccine programmes are ISIS infiltrated areas.

Afghanistan seeks MoU against polio transmission

So, whether you believe in Darwin or Adam’s Rib, humans have developed so inadequately that all babies must be vaccinated to be healthy? Nothing to see here – move along!

BBC promote vaccination… with unaccredited poor quality articles:
100 Women: Is child vaccination boosted by educating mothers?
BBC response to Brian’s call:
Charlotte Morgan @cornwallchar
Cornish girl in West London exile. Head of International Comms, BBC News. Recovering civil servant. Views mine, news the BBC’s.
“We don’t generally byline the articles on the BBC but everything that is published meets the editorial standards of the BBC, regardless of which journalist wrote it.”
Not great standards then.

Next subject…
Tougher penalties proposed for unsophisticated plots
Inaccurate information by BBC
‘The proposals, to be published by the Sentencing Council on Thursday, are the first draft of recommendations to be made within a government review of terror laws and will be subject to a six-week consultation.’ say they are independent of the government.
“That BBC report is not correct”
Council members
The Right Honourable Lord Justice Burnett, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales
‘His practice was in common law and public law. He was junior counsel for the Crown, Common Law from 1992 and was appointed as a Queens Counsel in 1998.’

European Public Prosecutor’s Office
… despite the €U not having been audited for over 2 decades.

Defence Ministers meet US Secretary of the Navy for the first time
Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said:
“Britain has no closer friend than the United States and across the globe our nations stand side by side defending our values. Our Armed Forces work closely together in every area of defence from planning for future challenges through to working together on operations around the world today.”


David Ellis…
British French naval parity.
Photos of €U unified armed forces.
The actual real trade deal is military at eventual single point control.
Expect €U military uniform to come into play.

‘I almost resigned under Blair’ Lord Dannatt backs French general over huge Macron spat
Brian: but, you didn’t!

The Military Planning and Conduct Capability-MPCC
Foreign Affairs Council, 6 March 2017…
“The overall political aim, according to the Council conclusions, is to improve the EU’s capacity to react in a faster, more effective and more seamless manner, as part of an EU Comprehensive Approach. Moreover, strong emphasis is put on enhancing civilian/military synergies and on building on existing EEAS structures.”

The how to take command manual…
“On 15 December, the European Council stated that, “further to the Council conclusions, the High Representative will present proposals in the coming months as regards […..], the establishment of a permanent operational planning and conduct capability at the strategic level, [….].”
2 Paragraph 16a: “Adapt the existing EEAS structures to develop the necessary structures and capabilities for the permanent planning and conduct of CSDP missions and operations in view of enhancing civil-military synergies and more seamless planning and conduct, with distinct but coordinated civilian and military chains of command. To this end, the Council invites the High Representative to present proposals, as soon as possible, with a view to their implementation in the first semester of 2017, to establish as a short term objective, and in accordance with the principle of avoiding unnecessary duplication with NATO:
i. enhanced political strategic level planning and oversight of missions and operations with particular emphasis on civ-mil synergies;
ii. a permanent operational planning and conduct capability at the strategic level for non-executive military missions, working jointly and ensuring an integrated civilian-military CSDP engagement, with the planning and conduct capability for civilian missions.
These will work under the political control and strategic direction of the PSC.””

Major General Julian Thompson: We’ve stumbled into a EU defence trap, despite Brexit
The UKC is not stumbling… the UKC have been sounding warning for some time.

We are going to give our military away for free and then we are going to get a bill from the €U.
The ultimate trade deal: The UK to give away our armed forces and military for free and get a bill from the €U to boot!
NPP: Donald wouldn’t do this.

MPCC: towards an EU military command?
€U military unification hidden in plain sight.

Michel Barnier hits out at ‘disturbing’ UK stance on Brexit as EU prepares for no deal

Permanent Representatives to the
World Trade Organization
Dear Colleagues,
On 29 March 2017, the Government of the United Kingdom (UK) notified the UK’s intention to withdraw from the European Union (EU) of which it currently is a Member State. Negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal are on-going and it is anticipated that the UK will leave the EU at the end of March 2019. Until its withdrawal, the UK remains a Member State of the European Union with all the rights and obligations of a Member State including in respect of the EU’s Common Commercial Policy….

Yet another information packed UK Column news programme.


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