The Many Tentacles Of Globalism – How The New World Order Enslaves Us

Published on Oct 8, 2016

What you’re about to see may worry you, but worry not. The more you know, the more you will be able to stand above the current order and protect yourself and your family. Globalism is affecting us in every realm of life. From banking to regulations. From health to communication. From media to war. From politics to self defense. There are literally no realms of life where globalism doesn’t involve itself. It comes in many shapes and sizes as global collectivist force gradually enslaves us all.
Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the countless examples of how exactly the “New World Order” affects us and what we can do. Presidents and Prime Ministers alike have been speaking in favor of globalism from both sides of the circular “left-right” spectrum for 100 years. In fact , using the artificial monetary system which prints money out of thin air creating debt, devaluation and inflation alongside propagated fear mongering through violent false flags and media have propped up the control complex for over 100 years, perpetuating war throughout the world as well as war among ourselves. As we continue to be further divided, we in-fight while distracted from the real enemy which hides in the shadows, controlling politicians and bankers across the board. They use us as pawns to sacrifice for the king and the queen. They condition us to give up our civil liberties one by one, the basis of humanity itself. In this documentary/report, we break down the most important issues we face as the globalist cabal takes hold of our free will and conquers us.
This story is far wider in scale than just the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, George Soros and others. This is a control complex that spans the entire world. This information must be known by the masses before we will have peace… Know it and spread it. Weave the web.

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