The Mandalay social engineering media event

‘Never let a serious crisis go to waste’.  Many details of the event make no sense.  The shooting supposedly went on for over an hour.   Other details described that make the whole thing seem like a false flag.  Pretty obviously.  23 guns in the hotel room, for example.  Nothing moves in Las Vegas gambling hotels which doesn’t have security in control, so how did he smuggle 23 guns into his room?

Who’s behind the scam?  What’s it all about?   Some big money wants more security technology infrastructure (X-Ray backscatter machines as used at many airports) installing at casinos and so on in Las Vegas.  From there all public building, schools, hospitals and so on across the country will be made to instal such equipment.  Homeland Security wants the country on lockdown.  This video follows up on who is behind all this.

This time it’s not so much gun control that’s being pushed on the back of the Las Vegas shooting drama.  It’s the whole of the hospitality industry.  That’s what’s being targeted.  Hotels to have backscatter X-Ray machines.  Health issues of these machines?

It’s already happening.  Chertoff.  NBC.  ‘In a free society, there’s no way to eliminate this kind of security risk.’  All over the media within 24 hours.  ‘There’s technology that can control a perimeter etc etc’  i.e. backscatter X-Ray machines.  Maybe Trump will be the first to instal.  This is just the beginning.  People are being socially engineered to accept more and more encroachment on their privacy and their person.  Some people in high places are set to make an awful lot of money.

The machines don’t work and have been debunked on youtube.  All kinds of things have been smuggled past them.


An excellent report on the Mandalay
incident from one of our favorite
sources: Truthstream Media.
– Brasscheck TV

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