Sellafield area evacuated

People evacuated from the area.
Bomb squad called in.
An investigation into the incident will likely ensue.
Mark Neate, a Sellafield director:
“This is a routine procedure” as per the BBC.

Yeah right.

TAP – Maybe a psyop.  Fear is the media game.

Evacuations after emergency at UK nuclear plant, explosives experts rush to scene

BOMB disposal specialist have been called to the Sellafield nuclear plant to deal with a chemical incident.


Bomb disposal experts were called to Sellafield

The explosives experts were joined by the officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary to deal with incident which involved chemicals in one of the nuclear site’s laboratories.Buildings were evacuated as part of the operational alert and 100m exclusion was set up around the affected lab.

Initial reports suggest the incident involved five bottles containing a number of non-nuclear chemicals.

Staff had been disposing of chemicals, which had been stored at the site in Cumbria since 1992, when the incident happened.


The incident is understood to have occurred in chemical storage units at Sellafield

A specialised unit was invited to attend the Sellafield site to assess the material and advise on its safe disposal

Sellafield spokesman

The materials, which would have been used in chemical processes in the past, have the potential to crystallise and become unstable if exposed to oxygen.A Sellafield spokesman said: “Following a chemical inventory audit in a laboratory, we took the decision to dispose of a number of chemicals which are no longer used in our operations and have been stored since 1992.

“In line with best practice and established procedures, we alerted the relevant partner agencies and sought advice on managing this material in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations.

“As is usual in these scenarios, a specialised unit was invited to attend the Sellafield site to assess the material and advise on its safe disposal.


Building were evacuated as part of the operational alert

“An operational decision will be taken in due course on how best to dispose of the material.”Sellafield reprocesses and stores nearly all of Britain’s nuclear waste.

There have been safety concerns at the plant after a tip-off from a whistleblower, including allegations of inadequate staffing levels and poor maintenance.


Sellafield’s safety record was questioned in a BBC Panorma programme

The programme discovered that liquid containing plutonium and uranium has been kept in thousands of plastic bottles for years. The bottles were only intended for temporary storage and some of them are degrading.Researchers were was also told that parts of the facility are dangerously rundown.

Sellafield insisted the site in Cumbria is safe and has been improved with significant investment in recent years.


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